Happy Birthday Me

Friday was my birthday, as you all know! 🙂 I’m a whopping 32 now! Ha! At least I robbed the cradle when I got married, so that helps keep me young. Although I’ve been feeling pretty old recently, wow! Old and fat and slow! Ugh! 😉 I didn’t get to have the baby on my b-day unfortunately, because I think that would be a good step toward remedying some of those feelings. Hee hee!!

Anyway, I had a good b-day! My hubby and lads took me to Cracker Barrel for dinner and we all shared a baked apple dumpling for dessert!! You’ve GOT to try that stuff! Nuuuuuuummmmmmyyyyy!! I’m not a big cake person, so that was the perfect birthday dessert for me. And the best part was that they didn’t get the whole kitchen to come out and sing to me! Ha! I so don’t like that kind of attention!!

My boys gave me a sweet birthday card with both of their “signatures” on it. That made me smile! I also got a wonderful card from my best friend and hubby!! Love that man! His gift was late coming through the postal system so I got to “celebrate” a bit longer as I waited for it. He offered to tell me what it was, but I prefer suspense when it comes to presents! 🙂 I’m glad I waited!

Last night, late, the UPS guy showed up with a package! Now we were both surprised about that because it was supposed to be shipped through the USPS. Weird! Anyway, it was fun, and as he set the largish package in my lap (or what’s left of it that baby isn’t hogging!) I couldn’t figure out what in the world it could be! Well, when I finally got through the tape and all the packing material, I was totally shocked to see a shoot sac!!! WOW!

Shoot sac

You might be asking yourself what this is exactly, but the picture kinda gives it away. It’s a mobile tote for camera stuff! Mostly lenses and accessories that you would need while out on a shoot. It has 6 separate compartments for whatever you’d need and is a very sturdy light weight material! I had been looking at them some time back and said in passing that I thought they were cool. I have a backpack that holds most of my equipment very well, but it’s far to bulky to drag along on an actual shoot. This bag will be perfect!!! I’ll have the lenses that I need at arms reach and won’t have to worry about losing things while I’m “on the go!” What a thoughtful gift!! I love it! Now I just need to get some clients so that I can put it too good use!

Of course, I think I’ll hold off on the clients too until this reluctant little girl decides to grace us with her presence. 😉 I seriously doubt I’d be able to get down on the ground/floor in any way whatsoever to do photos until I have better use of my middle! Ha ha!!

Anyway, I just had to brag on my wonderful Birthday gift, and let you know that I have a very thoughtful man in my life!


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