Not Moi

On Sunday afternoon I did not let the lads run loose outside while I chilled indoors, away from the bugs, and spied on them through the window. Nah!

I would not have at one point noticed that my youngest son was running around nude from the waist down.

Rather than putting his ‘stuff’ back on I would NOT have thought to myself, “Well, at least he’s outside if he sprinkles!” Ha ha ha!

I would not have noticed a strange squeaking noise a few minutes later and peer out the window thinking it was some strange bird.

Then I would not have had a freaked out revelation that it was NOT a bird but a baby rodent of some kind that my oldest child was swinging around by the tail!!!!!

I then did not totally freak out and start blathering incoherently to my Hubby who would NOT have been freaked out by the fact that all I could say was his and our son’s name and spin around in circles wringing my hands. (It’s good to know I can be so level headed in a crisis! Ha!)

It would not have taken nearly 12 hours for me to figure out that I could have calmly told my child, through the window screen, to put down the mouse and move away. But no, that would have had far too little drama for our family! Quite honestly the fact that the mouse was ALIVE and squeaking was probably what grossed me out the most. And just to finish out the story, we dragged the lads inside scrubbed their hands with HOT soapy water and stripped them down, well that wasn’t much for Myles. Qade told us he found the mouse in the grass and sure enough Stu found another one that the cat had dragged out from somewhere. Ugh! We informed the boys that mice are YUCKY and not to touch them, and later, just to be safe, they had a soapy bubble bath to play in instead! 🙂

Oh, and uh…. I did NOT have a pet mouse named Jeremy when I was younger that my MOM set free because she couldn’t stand the smell. To this day she denies it! Had he stuck around maybe I wouldn’t be so freaked out of mice now. 😉 Ha ha ha!!!!

Happy Monday!

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