20 weeks!

Or 20 weeks and one day, depending on which baby’s first measurements you go by. 😉 Half way!! It has seem to take forever to get to this point. Of course the first trimester is just so miserable that it seems much longer. Plus all the anticipation of waiting to find out what the babies …

I’d be her

If I were a Downton Abbey character…. pretty sure. 😉 And I have to say I agree whole heartedly with the quote. 😉 The only thing that makes people sound less intelligent than vulgarity is profanity. And that is the truth! Source: sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net via Rachel on Pinterest

Ahhhh, kids!

Yesterday while Qade was busy with school, Myles invented a little game for himself. He’d run across the living room with his arms full of blankets and animals. When he got to the beanbag strategically placed in the middle, he’d jump over it and “release” his armload. He told me that the beanbag was a …


We did abbreviated school today for everyone’s all around sanity. Probably mine more than everyone else though. 😉 The kids are now outside enjoying recess and munching on trail mix, where I added extra raisins. It’s so hard to keep these kids regular!! Anyone else have issues with that? I used some of my fabulous …

Big News

A little girl in our house has something big she would like to share. Look at that grin, you know this is going to be good! So without further ado, I’ll leave the stage to Ella. She can handle it! Awwwww! But wait… there’s more! Wait… what?? Yay!!!!