Disney Vacation (pt5)

The conclusion of our Disney trip… from September, yes, I’m totally on top of it! 😉

The final Disney Day we didn’t have a Magic Morning, which was kinda nice actually cause we could take our time getting awake and at em. However, months of waking up early to milk goats often keeps me from sleeping in even when the opportunity arrises! And one of my children has maybe slept in 3 times in his entire life. 😉 So we had a mommy/son date at Starbucks in Downtown Disney while everyone else slept! It was fun!


Fun Fall themed decor at the front gates to Disney Land!



Taking selfies with my lads while we wait for the gates to open. You may, or may not, notice that I dress the kids alike when we’re at Disney. It’s so I can keep track of just one color. Of course, it kinda backfired because Ella wanted to wear her princess dress 2 days in a row, but at least with the boys I knew to keep my eyes peeled for the bright orange shirts. 🙂


Ella and her beloved rental stroller. 😉


I love Main Street! I could sit here and absorb the atmosphere and be totally happy for some time!


This day I made sure that Ella got to meet some of the princesses!! We weren’t about to stand in an hours long line for a ticket to see Ana and Elsa, but we did get to see some of the others and Ella was thrilled!! I confess that these were some of the moments I was most looking forward to from the moment we decided to take the kids to Disney this year!





The “courtiers” that escorted us in to see the princesses did a big flourishing bow to Ella and she responded by curtseying like her cousin Helen taught her! It was so fun!!

I liked the Merida princess best of all. She was outside under a little umbrella, but she took time to talk (with her lovely Irish brogue) to each girl who came to see her. It was very sweet!


Be brave my little, Ella! I love that you are such a sweet little princess!


We rode on top of a double decker street car down Main Street!


They were growing cabbage all over Disney!! Made me want to ask what they planned to do with them. 😉 Farmer girl here!


Small World! Everyone’s favorite ride. Ha! 🙂 It’s cool inside anyway!

My boat buddies.


Popeye had his photo taken in front of this whale when he was 9 months old!


Here we go!


Inside the whale (or through it actually) was all these little miniatures from different Disney stories. It was really cool! My first time to see any of that!



Goofy kid!


We visited ToonTown.

When my family went to Disney when I was 15 we walked into Toon Town and almost immediately left because it was just too surreal or something. I think the noise level is less now because it wasn’t as overwhelming and the kiddos liked it. 🙂

A fun mailbox that talks when you open it!


Toon cars! (you would not believe the squabble over who would get to “drive” the car)


My girl and me!


My man! I love him!!


Our kids were total monkeys inside some of the toon places! Who’s kids are they?!?


That’s it! Jail time for you!


Our Ella…


That night Stu and I left the kiddos with their grandparents for some pool time and we ate in Downtown Disney and stuffed ourselves on beignets!! Yum!!

The last morning of our trip I once again could not sleep in, so all three kids and I took one last jaunt to Downtown Disney and had some breakfast, and hot chocolate! Well, I had coffee. 😉


Till next time Mr. Disney! Bye for now Mickey! Thanks for a great time and lots of fun memories!!