The first post

The title of this post is a little obvious, but really what else DO you call the first post??? Some of you may be wondering why I could possibly need a “new” blog. Well there are several reasons, and since you’re here I’ll tell you about them. As some of you know I have been blogging on yahoo 360, however right from the start there were issues with that one. I found it terribly easy to use, BUT some of my friends and fam who I’d like to see visiting my blog have a hard time getting there and viewing it for some reason. (???) Plus I thought it would be way cool to have my own “site” ha ha. Probably the biggest reason though is the influence of the man in my life. Yes, I have to admit that he has changed my opinion on computers (go apple) and of course blogging. For one, if I get “goofed up” as is very likely, he can help me work out the kinks. Also one of his greatest arguments for this blog is that I can write posts ahead of time and then they can be posted whenever we have a chance to hook his laptop up to the internet. That is especially helpful since we have no internet access at our home at this point. My darling husband is an inspiration to me always, and even though part of me sometimes just wants to be stubborn and cling to my OWN opinion “just because,” deep down I know he is most often right. So I hope that you will come and visit me here often as I make this my new online writing outlet. I enjoy getting feedback and comments from friends, and it’s also a way you can keep up with us without long phone calls or tedious e-mail. 🙂


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