A decade in review

I think this may be the very first time I’ve ever payed attention to the fact that we’re entering a “new” decade. Of course the last one was totally overwhelmed by being a “new millennium” as well, and then the one before that I was still too young to care, I guess. It makes me feel kind of old to think of my life in decades, but as I was thinking over the last one there are some pretty amazing highlights! Just thought I’d share those with you!
-GRADUATED from college, yay!!!!
-Taught my first teaching job, way fun in a little Christian school.
-Worked at The Wilds of the Rockies my first summer!
-Taught at PCA (not a “highlight” in my way of thinking, but a big learning experience)
-Continued to work summers at TWR.
-Met Stuart in 2001
-Stu and I worked the “buddy system” in 2004. 🙂
-MARRIED!!! To the most amazing man ever in the history of mankind! 🙂
-Met my baby Bubba, and discovered that being a Mommy is the best “job” in creation!
-Moved back to AZ, who would have thought?
-Started working with Camp on Wheels.
-Traveled to Canada for the first time!
-Brought home my “littlest love” and have thoroughly enjoyed being a mommy of 2 rambunctious boys!!
-Nothing “huge” happened this year, but more growing, learning, leaning. I believe that I’m a more balanced person than I was 10 years ago for sure. Maybe I’m a little more cynical about certain things, but I also have a greater value for having fun. 🙂 I have more appreciation for family time both within our little fam and our extended family.
-I’m learning to prioritize responsibility with things that I like to do.
-Investing time in interests that make me a better person and are also FUN. 🙂

So there you have it. 10 years condensed. 🙂 Makes it seem like a much smaller chunk of time. I’m excited about this year! It’ll be interesting to see where the next turn of the decade will have us… don’t want to think about that too much… I’ll be 40!! Yikes!! 😉 So enjoy the early days of our new decade and thank God for the last 10 years He has given you. 🙂