Not me Monday (Tuesday Edition)

Well, I didn’t have enough “pizzaz” yesterday to do a not me post, so today I’m playing catch up.

This week we did not go away for some R&R and time with family and forget to turn the water off even though it’s be super-duper cold here recently.
Therefore we didn’t get home to find an indoor pool in our laundry room from a TEENY WEENY hole that sprouted in a tube.
Neither was I soooo thankful that my handy-dandy-mr-fix-it hubby of mine found the “issue” very shortly and fixed the problem so that we still had both water AND hot water. 🙂
Oh, and we did not leave our poor howling children stuck in their car seats after the long drive home so that we could clean out the lagoon without the help of little hands and feet. 😉

At 3am I did not “cave in” and give my almost 15 month old a cup of milk to help him go back to sleep. Ha! Isn’t it great to be not the first child? With Qade I didn’t want to “develop a habit” of waking up for milk so if he woke up in the night I’d work with him, rock him some, and give him water. Now, I just want to get back to sleep as soon as possible myself so it works out to Myles’ advantage. 😉 Although, to be honest he rarely wakes up, but has this dreadful cold that is keeping us all hostage. So I gave him some Tylenol and a cup of milk to “wash it down.” It worked too and we all slept like the dead for the rest of the night. 🙂

Another thing I have NOT been doing recently is giving my toddler a “fruit snack” that he can take to his new tent to eat so that Hubby and I can watch at least a little of a movie/show without being interrupted. 😉 Ha ha ha ha!

So anyway, those are some things I’ve not been up to lately. Unfortunately something I am up to today is MASSIVE recovery. Ya know my new years resolution post? Well, I’ve yet to start those lofty goals (except for the PHOTO one) because we’ve been scampering about the country side. 🙂 But I think we’re finally done with that and ready to get back to a “post-holiday” routine. Because of that I have about a ton an a half of laundry to do, and a LOT of reorganizing with all the new Christmas loot that needs an actual place. So here I go, diving in, elbows deep in dishes and stuff, but after this week we should be well on our way to normalcy. And once I can actually breathe again I’m going to start INSANITY!! Woo-Hoo! Stay tuned for THAT post… I’m sure it’ll be hysterical! 😉