Tribute to a good kitty

Ngung-ngung was named by our oldest lad when we first got her in the spring of ’08 from the humane society. Stuart had picked her because she was “feisty.” Since her main responsibility in our family was going to be “chief mouse hunter and dispatch” that seemed a good trait. 🙂 She was about 7 or 8 months old when we got her, and spent that summer living with Oma because we were at camp and didn’t want to leave her home alone. Well, our house was INFESTED with mice when we got back after that summer. Sure enough the first morning we were home with our cat she caught her first mouse. Unfortunately THAT mouse got away seeing as how she was just playing with it. BUT many others didn’t and that was the beginning.
Sure she may look like a lazy cat, but wait till something moves. 🙂
Ngung-ngung (or “kitty”) for short has been SOOOO good with our boys! Qade had to learn to be gentle with her, but it was quite the learning process. She was so patient with him even when he would get rough, and actually she seemed to like the attention. For a cat she was very affectionate. Always looking for a chance to claim my lap, when it wasn’t otherwise occupied with 2 little lads! And she was a ready and willing purr-er which is a good trait in a nice kitty. 🙂
Here you see Qade using kitty as a racetrack. She loves it!
She also spent a lot of her time near Myles when he was “floor bound” and she’d often flip over on her back to “match” him which I found completely hilarious!!
I’m actually NOT a cat person. I was such an “animal person” as a kid that I would have loved to have one, but mom was allergic. Not a good combination. I’m more of a dog person, but since having kids I’m less of either. I like our dog, he’s good with the boys and he’s pretty, but he’s not my “friend” really. The kitty was functional to keep the mice at bay, but she was “my” kitty for sure. She tolerated Stuart alright, and she was great with the boys, but it was me she loved. 🙂
She also enjoyed watching Baby Einstein with Qade.
She’s been gone for a couple weeks now. I really miss her! I had intended her to be with us for quite a few years to come, but ya can’t count on things like that when you live out in the “wild.” She was an indoor/outdoor cat, but typically stayed very close to the house when out. She spent nights outside occasionally when she’d sneak out before bed. Always the next morning she’d practically have her nose in the crack of the door waiting to get in. It happened differently that last time though. It’s cold, so we’d been intentionally keeping her inside. Somehow though she slipped out without notice when we were bringing wood in for the fire. We never even knew she’d been out. The next morning when I didn’t notice her inside I figured something was up. Finally around lunchtime when I still hadn’t seen hide nor hair of her I told Stu about it. He actually spent quite a bit of time that day walking around the property calling the kitty. 🙁 Nothing….
I’d like to think that she wandered over the hill and found a nice home with someone else…. it’s not likely, but I prefer to think it than that she was snatched by some critter. We DO have critters around here after all. But whatever happened, the fact is she’s gone. I’ve stopped looking for her to come back, although sometimes I think I see her running around in the house out of the corner of my eye. Strange.
So we’ve got to get a new cat. Sometime after the Holidays when things calm down. The mice are relentless out here, so it’s necessary to have a kitty, but deep down I know we’ll never have a kitty quite as good as our little black Ngung-ngung.

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