I got the recipe for these homemade truffles from the Pioneer Woman. It has sweetened condensed milk in it which, of course, sold me. 🙂 Here is my photo journey through truffle land. 🙂 I just wanted to see if I could take awesome pictures like pioneer woman. Her’s are better, but I still had fun. Plus the truffles were nummy! 😀

This is what I started with. Doesn’t the name Ghirardelli just make your mouth water?
I created my own “double boiler” by setting a pyrex bowl on top of a pot of water.
Oooo… nummy!
Here’s the good part. Sweetened condensed milk makes every sweet thing better!
Stir it up good!
Here’s the “guts” of the truffle… needs to be cooled
Now I scoop out small t-spoonfulls and “roll” into balls. I had to stop a few times to lick off, wash my chocolaty fingers. 🙂
This was the “dip”
These were the toppings. I wasn’t going to do the sea salt because the idea struck me as ick when I first read it, but it kinda grew on me and actually the salt was nice with the chocolate! Interesting.
So they got dipped, and I didn’t have enough hands for pictures AND dipping, and then they got sprinkled.
Truffles with pecan…
Truffles with sea salt. Unfortunately I had to do with the sea salt I had… no special “puget sound” stuff for me, but it still tasted salty, so I imagine it’s fine. 🙂 Nummers! I might need to make some more of these because… well…. notice the chocolate coating is a little “dull?” Well I just learned a couple days ago that’s because it’s not “tempered” correctly. Who knew? So I’ll try it again sometime with better tempered chocolate coating, so it’s nice and shiny! 🙂

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