Not Me Monday

Here it is Monday again. 🙂 I’m more in the mood for a Saturday, but I guess I get what I get and I won’t throw a fit. At least not a big one. 😉

This week I DID NOT let my one yr old walk around the house chewing on his toothbrush for several hours. NOT ME! I’m sure his little pearly whites were very sparkly by the time I pried it away from him. Well, I did try to pry it away and that was a disaster, so I DID NOT let the lad take the toothbrush to nap with him and then snag it back after he had finally “thrown it overboard” when he was done with it. I think he may need a new toothbrush. 😉

After 3 and a half arduous months of potty training, I didn’t come to the conclusion that we all desperately needed a sabbatical from the ordeal. We certainly wouldn’t take a 2 month “break” for mental health’s sake and decide to try again later. Neither did I recruit the lad’s help to “put away” all his pull-ups and unders and break out the diapers. I didn’t tell him that when he wanted to be a big boy and go in the potty we could get them out again, but for now he was going to wear diapers like a baby. Oh, and I wasn’t disappointed when it really didn’t seem to affect him in the least. *sigh* One more “great idea” spoiled. Oh well, at least I don’t have to have the pressure of dragging him to the pot every hour and STILL washing 2 or 3 sets of clothes that he’s “spoiled” each day. 😀 Yay for not me!

I did not just shrug and let it go when my boys took every piece of plastic out of the cupboard and “made dinner” for me (wouldn’t that be nice if it was real???) and have not spent the 3 days since pulling plastic lids out of places like the Christmas tree, under the fridge, in the toy baskets and under the boys beds. Arg… After that I did NOT decide that that cupboard was now “off limits” and became the “nazi” of the kitchen to enforce the new rule. One day I’ll get the parenting thing down just in time to be a grandparent. 😉

So what have YOU been not doing lately? You can check out more “confessions” at McMamma’s site. Happy Monday!

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