Time to time

I have written several blog posts that I will be scheduling to post at intervals on here so that you all know that I’m still alive. Though I guess technically you won’t REALLY know that since they are scheduled…. but you know what I mean. 😉 A couple of the posts I had prepared had pictures too, but my slippery mind forgot to transfer the pics from my desktop to my laptop, hence I can’t post them now. 🙁 Sad for you, cause they are really cute too! 😉 I’ll have to wait till next weekend to get to those, so be patient.

I have been missing my cyber-connection, but doing surprisingly well without it. Still, feel free to e-mail me and keep me updated with your lives since I can’t catch up with you on fb right now. We can usually download e-mail a couple of times a week to check that stuff. I have to say I was disappointed this week when all that showed up for me was a TON of junk and not any personal e-mail. So consider that a whine for some real e-mails. And yes, I will write back though there may be a slight delay. Brings back the ol’ pen-pal days of yor. LOL!!

We’re doing well, enjoying our summer, and haven’t even had to connect the swamp cooler yet!! That’s pretty amazing. The lads are reveling in the day light that lets them roll in the dirt and smoosh stinkbugs to their heart’s content. 😉 Take care and enjoy your warm weather too!

Ta ta!