A Week of Status Updates (more or less)

I miss Facebook. Not going to lie, I do! It has been nice to be “unconnected” for awhile, but I do miss keeping up with my friends online. So in an attempt to keep up with it, I’ve been keeping track of my status updates for the past week. Ha ha ha!! They won’t have dates and times attached, because well, I don’t like being THAT specific when I have to keep track myself. LOL. Here’s what’s been “on my mind” recently.

Feeding Ella more than three bites of food is a challenge that I am not always up for. Guess we’ll call it good after 3, and try again tomorrow!

It’s SO smoky here from the Wallow fire. I hear the smoke goes all the way to South Dakota!! Poor lads don’t understand why they have to play inside today.

Made stir fry with actual stir fry sauce for dinner tonight. Why haven’t I tried this before??? It was yummy!

Trying to find ways to use my pressure cooker. Doing beans right now. If it works, this will be a hit. Cooked beans in half an hour instead of an all day ordeal in the crockpot only to have tough beans in the end!!
It worked!! They were tender and SO flavorful!! I dished up a bowl for me right THEN for lunch and put the rest in the crock pot for chili! YUMMERS! Glad it worked out because I was so close to sending the pressure cooker to my mom. Now I have a use for it! Yay!

Thinking up ways to get new biz this summer… really want some of those babies and mammas to start coming my way. Patience…… *sigh*

Naptime today is so peaceful!! Makes me want to take a nap too instead of work on some projects I know I need to do.

Slow-carbing again. 🙂 Gotta get these pesky pounds off, so I don’t feel like a lump all summer. Still eating watermelon though. 😉

Family walks would be so much more enjoyable if Myles’ enthusiasm lasted farther than the end of the driveway.

Just call me “Queen of Dishes” since that seems to be the only thing I was put on earth to do. Oh wait… there is another thing I’m good for…. Laundry. Boo!

Finished my first fringe blanket for a photo prop!! Also got a couple tutus in the mail. Now to get some cutie-patooties to model with them. 😉

Managed to get 1.5 bites of cereal in Ella and about 3 Cheerio’s. 🙂 She was HILARIOUS eating the Cheerios!!

Miss internet…. *sniff*

Have “fringe blanket fever” after making the first one. Started on a second and have plans for the third. Then I think I’ll take a break. 😉

Crunching numbers with the Hurb. Makes me realize that having a biz is a LOT of work… and actually making money is even MORE work. 😉 Hope that clients keep coming!

Oven is on the fritz! Last night I tried to bake bread and it burnt it to a crisp in a matter of minutes. THEN it wouldn’t turn off and got so hot that the kettle set in the middle of the stove, ON a trivet started whistling!!!! Yikes!!! Hurb finally had to go shut off the propane at the tank for it to stop. Weird.

Ella’s teeth are coming in like popcorn! She just got her third tooth and now 2 more on top are looking like they’re about ready. Poor girl! She keeps on smiling, but I know it’s got to be painful for her!

Quitting slow-carb. Blah! I’ll be writing my thoughts on it in a blog post soon, but I have to say, me no likey! 😉

When I asked Ella where she was going as she attempted to climb out of her swing, Qade answered “She’s not going anywhere. She can’t drive.” 🙂 Ah ha ha ha!!!

Finished my surf inspired fringe blanket! Love it!

Ovenless isn’t so nice, but I’ve realized how “spoiled” I am to have the conveniences that I do. I can still bake bread in the bread machine, even if I don’t like the size of the loaf, I can still cook good meals in the crock pot. Plus we have a grill and a microwave. Apparently a stove top and oven are just “luxuries” ha ha!

Stu downloaded my e-mail for me when he was in internet land. A zillion junk mail and not one “real” e-mail. *sniff* It’s starting to be like USPS.

This morning when I mixed up a yogurt/berry smoothie for my lads for breakfast, Myles response was “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!” Ha ha ha! Glad to have hit on a winner. 😉

Potty training has been at a stand still because this ol’ Ma is just so unmotivated. Contemplating implementing my friend’s “Bottomless Lemonade Brigade” next week. 😉 LOL…. we’ll see.

Still haven’t taken Qade’s 4 yr old pics. Need to get on that!

When Qade saw that our oven was still gone this morning, he asked, “How will we cook bacon and eggs?” Is he his father’s child or what???
I love the warmer weather, but detest the bugs! Seriously, I can’t sit outside for longer than 10 min because they plague my life out! Ugh!

Our cat is in kitty heaven chasing and subsequently torturing the lizards that roam around here. The lads often watch on with a gruesome infatuation. Boys!


I dressed up Ella in some cute flair jeans and a little frilly girl top today and just had to sigh over how big she looks. I think I might just keep her in baby rompers till she’s 10!

Ya know it’s summer when you can’t even remember what day of the week it is! 🙂 Wait… I can’t remember it any time…. oh well. SUMMER!!!

Have to send my 50mm back to Nikon to see if it can be repaired. Good focus is a must in a “fast” lens.

Going to start work on a few more “props” that I’ll make for myself. Not sure if I’ll keep doing the Etsy thing…. doesn’t really seem to be taking off.

Is connecting with my “inner Anne” as I read the Green Gables books again. 🙂 Lovely!