Disney Vacation (pt 3)

We started our actual trips into the parks with a Magic Morning in California Adventure!! Here’s a tip, use the extra early hour to get fast passes for the really popular rides. While the guys were getting the passes, the rest of us had an extremely yummy cinnamon roll for breakfast at Starbucks! I absolutely LOVE the atmosphere in California Adventure! I found MU! We spent some time in Bug Land... read more

Disney Vacation (pt 2)

Day two started out with a hotel breakfast, which I forgot to get photos of. And I have to say that for a hotel the breakfasts at Hampton Inn and Suites are pretty good! All together again and ready for our drive through nothingness till you hit the everlasting city! Kidos are happy to start with anyway… The drive seemed really long the second day but I think it’s just because the last part... read more

Disney Vacation (pt1)

Yes, I’m into multi-parted posts these days!! I just couldn’t narrow down the fun photos of our trip to Disney to just a few that would fit in a single post. So sit back and join us vicariously on our trip that we are already dying to repeat! Day One: It’s quite a drive from here to Anaheim so we opted to split it into two days. I left early with the kids and Stu came with his parents... read more

Birthday Session (pt2)

Life does not slow down for blogging I’ve found. But better late than never! Here are some more shots of the twins cake smash birthday session. Enjoy! I’m so happy God gave me one blue-eyed blondie in the bunch! Not sure how she got all those genetics, but it keeps things fun! This little mini-me is a favorite of mine too! When the cake came out Claire promptly sat on hers before she realized... read more

Twin’s Birthday Session (pt.1)

It’s only taken me 3 months to get around to taking the twins birthday photos (oy!) and it took me 2 days to set up the “stuff” but it only took me about half and hour to get the shots. Of course this is only Part One. I decided early on I was going to try, by myself, to get individual shots of them, and then I would attempt to get a together shot. But there was NO WAY that cake OR... read more

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