Twin’s Birthday Session (pt.1)

It’s only taken me 3 months to get around to taking the twins birthday photos (oy!) and it took me 2 days to set up the “stuff” but it only took me about half and hour to get the shots. Of course this is only Part One. I decided early on I was going to try, by myself, to get individual shots of them, and then I would attempt to get a together shot. But there was NO WAY that cake OR... read more

Family Fun

We decided to take the twins out to the trampoline for the first time last week. It was pretty humorous. As predicted, Claire cried when we first put her on it, but she actually warmed up to it pretty quickly. Then she only cried when one of her siblings bounced too close to her and made her fall over. I love trampoline hair! Gabby thought the whole thing was great! She got the biggest kicks out of... read more

Tired and Worn

I’m feeling this way. I think we’ve just been going through life at a break neck speed for too long and it’s catching up to me. I have a zillion and one “to-do’s” and never enough time to get them all done. Plus the daily “must-do’s” and those aren’t always a lot of fun. I feel like I can’t find time in all this mess for my... read more

First Day of School

We survived!!! The first day of school with all of it’s anxiety and stress is past and we’ve even done the second day. Short honeymoon as today I heard much more “school is boring” kind of whining than I wanted to… oh well. We started school ON Labor Day because that way Daddy could be home and participate as well. Or just be around to troubleshoot the electronics or take... read more

School Starts

Tomorrow… Which is still too soon for me. I’m dragging my feet on it this year. Qade is going into second grade and as such his subjects are ramping up. I didn’t get as much “remedial” stuff done this summer as I had wanted to so that means that I know I have to be tough and stick to the schedule and make sure things are not falling through the cracks. Yes, we use a video... read more

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