So um.. I think I was supposed to write about the twins and all their recent accomplishments/antics. I’m too tired to do so right now though, so you’ll have to wait. Cause I want to put some pictures on it too, and yeah, to tired. Anyway, this morning I got a call from our Post Office and hurried down to pick up our little box of chicks!! It felt so funny to walk into the PO and say,... read more

New Motto

Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without. This is going to be my motto for the year. Maybe even for life! Stuart and I have had many discussions about how there’s just too much “stuff” in life. We are blessed with a lot of stuff! We are also blessed with people in our life who love us and love our kids and enjoy showering us with stuff. Some of the stuff is useful stuff, some of... read more

Where I be?

Have you missed me? I suddenly am inundated with blogs to keep up with and I haven’t quite been able to separate it all in my brain. The ranchy stuff I’m now posting on Wandering... read more

Finding Delight

The word delight is defined as a verb, to please someone greatly or a noun to take great pleasure in. Doesn’t seem like it would be something that would take work, right? I mean, how often to you go to Disney and think about how much work it will be to have fun? Right? Well, I’m here to tell you that delight is something I have to seriously work at. At least in a particular context. And that... read more

This n That

It’s the time of year for split fingers! Ouch!! I try to be consistent about wearing gloves when doing dishes and such, but I still end up washing my hands a lot (hello, diapers!). So I’ve been slathering on some Cetiphyl that I found in the cellar hoping that it would help. I think I need to get started on some Fermented Cod Liver Oil, but it’s pricy and I’m pretty sure I’ll... read more

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