Disney Vacation (pt5)

The conclusion of our Disney trip… from September, yes, I’m totally on top of it! 😉 The final Disney Day we didn’t have a Magic Morning, which was kinda nice actually cause we could take our time getting awake and at em. However, months of waking up early to milk goats often keeps me from sleeping in even when the opportunity arrises! And one of my children has maybe slept in 3 times in... read more

This Old House

It’s pretty taboo to complain about a decent house when so many people live in substandard homes. Ours keeps us warm, has a lot of space, is so much more than what a lot of people have. And let me just say that I do have a thankful heart for the house that God has provided for us. It has allowed us to live debt free, and for that I will always be thankful! But… It’s far from my dream... read more

Disney Vacation (pt4)

Okay I’m back! I have to get these photos posted! 😉 Life doesn’t always like to give me time to keep up with all the blogs, and the fitness groups and the homeschooling all at the same time. Looking through these photos makes me homesick for more Disney though! It’s amazing how it gets in your blood, it really is a magical place! Ella’s still talking about it almost daily too! So... read more

Disney Vacation (pt 3)

We started our actual trips into the parks with a Magic Morning in California Adventure!! Here’s a tip, use the extra early hour to get fast passes for the really popular rides. 😉 While the guys were getting the passes, the rest of us had an extremely yummy cinnamon roll for breakfast at Starbucks! I absolutely LOVE the atmosphere in California Adventure! I found MU! We spent some time in Bug Land... read more

Disney Vacation (pt 2)

Day two started out with a hotel breakfast, which I forgot to get photos of. And I have to say that for a hotel the breakfasts at Hampton Inn and Suites are pretty good! All together again and ready for our drive through nothingness till you hit the everlasting city! Kidos are happy to start with anyway… The drive seemed really long the second day but I think it’s just because the last part... read more

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