Disney Vacation (pt1)

Yes, I’m into multi-parted posts these days!! I just couldn’t narrow down the fun photos of our trip to Disney to just a few that would fit in a single post. 🙂 So sit back and join us vicariously on our trip that we are already dying to repeat!

Day One: It’s quite a drive from here to Anaheim so we opted to split it into two days. I left early with the kids and Stu came with his parents and nephew after he got off work.

Starting out! SOOOOO ready for vacation!

The twins got to stay with Grandma “Punkin” my mom, while the big kids went to Disney. Gives us an excuse to go back in a couple of years so that the big kids can “show” Disney to the twins! At the hotel we went swimming to burn off energy and kill time till Daddy made it there!




I love those floaty vests that we borrowed for Myles and Ella!! They are awesome!


Qade specifically requested goggles this year so that he could see under water! He enjoyed putting them to use too! Just as long as he could hang on to the side as well. 😉


She makes me smile!


The hot tub was nice as well! I spent most of my water time in there! 😉


Then of course we went to bed and everyone slept like a top (with a little encouragement). 😉


Actually they kept wiggling around for a very long time whispering and laughing to each other and I believe someone fell off the bed in the night as I was awakened by a loud thud, but since it wasn’t followed up with any wailing I just went back to sleep. 😉

Stay tuned for day two….