Tired and Worn

I’m feeling this way. I think we’ve just been going through life at a break neck speed for too long and it’s catching up to me. I have a zillion and one “to-do’s” and never enough time to get them all done. Plus the daily “must-do’s” and those aren’t always a lot of fun. I feel like I can’t find time in all this mess for my “want-to-do’s” and it’s getting old.

Partly it’s starting school again and getting used to that routine again. One little scholar in particular is not enthusiastic and it’s draining for the mom/teacher. Another factor is that our Claire-bear has been EXTREMELY clingy. For me only, of course. That’ll wear out any mom. Because if she wasn’t on me or touching me, she was screaming about it. There has been some improvement in this the past few days so that’s been a relief.

I’m attempting to make some sense out of our house, the closets and cabinets and pantry are all full and overflowing with stuff that needs to be organized and purged. But projects like that tend to take forever, and when you’ve got little feet and hands happy to get into anything “new” that can be messed with it’s hard.

And yes, I’m just whining. Whining because right now everything feels like a never ending project, and I’m tired, and I don’t feel like doing it every day all the time. Let the weeds take over the place, leave the holes in the walls, forget about growing food and raising animals, and training people and pets. Just let it all go wild, because I’m going to find a cave somewhere to hide away in!

Just kidding… I’m actually going to go on vacation soon, and I think that’ll be the best thing for my mentality.

Thanks for listening to the grumble. 😉

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