I miss my quilt

There was this incredibly ugly quilt that I just loved! It’s one of those old fashioned kind that are made out of a menagerie of fabrics with no rhyme or reason to the pattern, and one piece of ugly red fabric with scary looking clowns with balloons for the back. 🙂 It had little tufts of yarn that kept it all together and was about the size of a twin bed. Oh and weighs about a million pounds.

Why, you ask would I love a quilt like that?

Well, I’ll tell you, it was WARM!

Oh yes! I would put it on my bed, under the actual comforter so it’s not like the ugly quilt was in view, when the nights start getting cold. We have a king bed and it worked out perfectly because Stuart doesn’t like extra blankets on the bed even when it’s zero degrees out. I on the other hand LOVE to burrow down under those heavy types of quilts. I had one similar on my bed as a kid in Colorado and I have fond memories of curling up tight as can be waiting for the bed to warm up under those heavy quilts. Ahhhhh….

Anyway, I can find neither ugly patch or tuft of yarn from that particular quilt. I think that it was one of Stu’s grandma’s quilts. It’s very old-fashioned, and you know it was made for function not style. It was in my room when I left one dark and early morning in June. But when I got back 7 weeks later, with two little people in tow, it was no where to be found! It seems to have vanished into thin air too because I’ve looked in all the spots I’d think that a quilt like that could possibly hide and nothin. 🙁

I really miss it….

I have a wool Pendleton blanket on “my side” of the bed right now, but it just really doesn’t cut it. *sigh*

So if you run across a good, heavy, old fashioned blanket looking for a home. I hope you’ll give it one. There really is nothing warmer on a cold cold night!