First Day of School


We survived!!! The first day of school with all of it’s anxiety and stress is past and we’ve even done the second day. Short honeymoon as today I heard much more “school is boring” kind of whining than I wanted to… oh well.

We started school ON Labor Day because that way Daddy could be home and participate as well. Or just be around to troubleshoot the electronics or take over if I had a mental breakdown. 😉


We had a pancake breakfast which was the extent of my “celebration” preparations. I know people who make a huge big deal out of it with special gifts and decorations and all. And while I would like to be that mom, just getting the books on the shelf and the room partially cleared was as far as I could make it this year. Maybe by the time they’re in high school I’ll have it down a bit better. 😉

After breakfast we went outside to take our first day of school pictures. I forwent the cool printables that are somewhere in the depths of my computer hard drive and just opted for a sharpie on paper. The kids didn’t mind the “homemade” signs. Claire, who’s been running a fever for a couple days was inside screaming at the top of her lungs while we were outside, and continued to scream while I tried to get the videos started for the kids. Oy!!


Ella is watching the Bible lesson with one of the boys alternating between the two on different days. She did this last year and really seemed to enjoy it. This year she is doing her best to follow all of the teacher’s directions for when to sit and stand and so on! It’s cute!

I finally realized that no one was going to learn a blessed thing with the twins standing at the baby gated door hollering to be part of the action so I moved them to their room for “room time.” Amazingly it went well!! They stopped wailing right away and enjoyed being in a “new” space. Eventually it got super quiet and I peeked in the door to see this…

Oh well… it may have seemed like we lived a week and a half in 3/4’s of a day, but we made it!

Today the lads are taking issues with the schedule. Especially the part where they don’t get the iPad time till late afternoon (after homework time) but I’m going to be a stickler with that one! They’ll adjust. 😉