So um.. I think I was supposed to write about the twins and all their recent accomplishments/antics. I’m too tired to do so right now though, so you’ll have to wait. Cause I want to put some pictures on it too, and yeah, to tired. 😉

Anyway, this morning I got a call from our Post Office and hurried down to pick up our little box of chicks!! It felt so funny to walk into the PO and say, “I’m here to pick up chicks!” Ha! Anyway, the little day old fuzz-balls made the trip safe and sound and all of them are happily installed in our little “brooder” in the garage! Hopefully they’ll all fair well and in about 5 months we’ll have a rainbow of colorful eggs.

We are also getting a puppy in a few weeks that we hope to raise to be a guardian to our flock and herd. I’m reading as much as I can about it right now in attempts to be ready to raise him right without bad habits. He is already being raised around sheep with his parents as the guardian dogs, so that’s a good start for the lil guy! With any luck he’ll help cut down on the losses to our chickens which have been rather alarming this year. *sigh*

We are only very slightly behind in school at this point. Which is really good! I’ve decided that Fridays from now till the end of school will only be “half days” and that we will be done with school at lunch whether we’re done or not. 😉 Executive decision.

The wind is blowing in it’s favorite Springtime fashion. I’d like to remind it that it’s not actually Spring yet. I keep thinking I’ll open the door and see munchkin land! No fun! I’d like to go see how the goats are dealing with it, but I don’t want to venture out in it myself. I’m sure they are fine.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. I’m going to seek out a cave and just listen to the quiet… or not.


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