This n That

It’s the time of year for split fingers! Ouch!! I try to be consistent about wearing gloves when doing dishes and such, but I still end up washing my hands a lot (hello, diapers!). So I’ve been slathering on some Cetiphyl that I found in the cellar hoping that it would help. I think I need to get started on some Fermented Cod Liver Oil, but it’s pricy and I’m pretty sure I’ll need the capsules not the liquid if I’m going to get the stuff down.

No baby goats yet. I’m giving up! 😉 Kidding! <-- get it! Tomorrow I'm kicking my rear back in line and starting up my exercising. I've been using every excuse I could think of to put off that particular "resolution." Ya know, my goat might have babies today so I'd better wait. 😉 And the truth is, I don't really like to work out. I like the results for sure! Oh yeah! And sometimes I enjoy the "me time" and doing something for myself. But over all I'm not a workoutaholic by any means. So... blah. But tomorrow is a new day and I'm gonna get my workout on! 😉 The floors were vacuumed today! In celebration, I'm sitting on the floor! Also, the only other seat available is covered in clothes that need folding and I'd rather sit on the floor than fold clothes right now. Yep, I loathe folding laundry... I may need an intervention. I have found a source for heirloom wheat and flour! Yay!! I'm excited to get some of that in a month or so. It's the kind our great-great-grandpeople would have been eating. Not the hybrid kind that cause so many issues for people today. I'm interested to see if it makes any perceptible difference for us. I've got to start organizing my house in stages. Once I get going I kinda feel like I have to do it all and then get overwhelmed and stop. This week I'm going to tackle the cabinets that house the kids school stuff and art supplies and such. Much of it will be going in the trash I already know, so I'll have to be strategic about it or there will be massive meltdowns by the crew who never use and or know the stuff is in there, but will be mourned over as if it were the most prized possession known to mankind if they see it being "tossed." Yes, that's the world's longest run-on sentence. Next week will be the boy's bedroom closet... pray for me! 😉 Making crock-pot teriyaki chicken for dinner. It already smells nummy and is making me starved! I'll never make it to dinner! I'm really sad about our reduced chicken population. 🙁 But I'm making plans for getting some new birds in a month-ish and excited about the possibility of blue and green eggs sometime this summer! 🙂 We are making good progress on the goat barn and nearly ready to put up the finishing touches like painting, moving stuff around and making space for the milk stand! One day... hopefully, we will have goat milk! If only those silly babies would show up!