The Name Game


As I mentioned the other day, Stu and I compiled a list of possible names for our lil operation here. Turns out he is not a big fan of the word “homestead” and I can see the point. But I was a little hesitant to use the word “farm” either since in my mind a farm is ya know… growing stuff, like acres of stuff. So anyway “Ranch” seemed to fit the bill a bit better.

We tossed around a lot of different “endings” for the place like Hollow, Acres, Meadows, Mesa and such. Once the creative juices got flowing we actually had a pretty good list of some cool names! Then came the rubber meets the road part where we had to see if those names were “available” and by available we mean if the .com was taken. 😉 Because of course our lil ranch needed a website. 😉

Eventually we tried our 3-4 favorite names and the one that worked the best was…

Drum roll…

Wandering Springs Ranch

Why the hoopla over a “name” for our place? you may ask. Well, it was prompted by the need for a ‘herd’ name for our goats that we will have registered. We figured if we have to have a name for them, why not just name the whole thing and use it for everything. Right? Right! 🙂

So we’ll be starting a blog soon which is TBA, and hopefully we’ll be able to post about the kids being born… one of these days.

We also have a Facebook page for our Ranch too so you’re welcome to “like” it. (Hint the word “Facebook” is a link) And you can keep up with our ramblings or uh… wanderings there. As you know this whole thing is a new adventure for us and as we learn we’ll get better and better. The learning curve can be kinda steep though, but every day is an adventure! 🙂 You’re welcome to live a country life vicariously through our adventures and misadventures. 🙂

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