Just kidding! It’s still January. 😉

But the day time weather has been really nice lately! Today I actually sat outside on a bench and soaked in a little sunshine with nary a jacket! Wow! It just “felt” springy. Minus the hurricane force winds that like to hang around when it’s really Spring.

I’m always ready for Spring the moment the Christmas tree comes down. Maybe I should leave it up longer. 😉 I’m really glad for the warmer temps cause winter isn’t my favorite. But I hope that it doesn’t trick the plants into thinking it’s safe to start budding or anything, cause… it’s not. The temps at night keep diving to the 10* and under-ish range so I imagine that keeps them “dormant” enough.

Still, I need to start planning my garden/greenhouse. 😉 I need to plan NOW because I have NO idea what I’m doing, and if I can figure out what I’d like to grow, it may give me time to read up on it, and have an actual real plan, for once. I just hope we’re able to grow some food this year!! Really really hope!

Our steer and pig will probably be butchered in the next couple of weeks then ready a couple weeks later after “dry curing???” for a little bit. See how much of a learning curve all this stuff is? Who knew it’s better to let the meat “hang out” a bit before cutting it all up and packaging it? Not me. I figured you could go hack a piece right off the cow and have it for dinner. Hmmmmm…

Anyway, we have 2 sparkly new chest style freezers in the garage waiting their appointed places of residence. Because we still don’t know exactly where they are going to “live.” (As Myles likes to say. “Does that pot live in the cabinet?” Ha!) But I’m super-duper thankful for my handsome Hurb who researched the freezers and negotiated with Home Depot and Lowes to get the best deals. Now I know that 2 smaller freezers are a better idea than one of the mammoth ones because they seal better. Isn’t it nice that we can keep learning new stuff every day?

Speaking of new stuff, we still only have our same 2 old goats. 😉 No babies as of right now. Well, one day we will have babies and milk. Hopefully.

Well I’m going out to enjoy the sunshine and let the goaties run around (or waddle around) and collect some eggs while it’s still pseudo-spring! 🙂