A Sunday Date

Last Sunday Stuart and I escaped from the land of being parents by ditching all our kids to go to church without them! 🙂  Stu’s mom was kind enough to hang out with them, so no worries, they weren’t on their own. 😉  At one point during the day Stuart said, “Who would have thought that going to church would be a good date?”  But it was!!

We started out on the 1.75 hr trip to church (yup, we live in the land of big skies, straight roads and not too many churches) and our thoughts were that it’s actually pretty relaxing to drive when you don’t have the “ticking time bomb” of children who may at any moment desperately need to go potty, or suddenly start shrieking at each other for looking in someone else’s direction. Don’t get me wrong, mostly we love to do thing as a big, loud, head turning family, but sometimes… change is nice. 😉

Sitting through the service not having to worry about kiddos was also refreshing. Mommy brains never really shut off when their kids are near. Even when they are deposited safely in nursery or children’s church you’re still thinking about them somewhere in your mind. At least I do… maybe it’s just me? 😉

Of course worship wasn’t the only thing we did on our “date.” Actually the biggest motivation for not bringing the minions was that we had quite a bit of shopping to get done. After calling around to various feed stores in about 4 different towns “around” us, I finally found the vaccine that I needed for the little goatlets. Apparently it’s widely available down around/near Phoenix, but I’ve had a DOOZY of a time finding it here! So that was good, and they also had a really great price on the alfalfa pellets that we feed the Ladies as well. So we grabbed those things, more stall freshener, some compacted hay bales which are really cool! And various other stuff that we probably didn’t need but got anyway because that was such a cool feed store! 🙂 We’ll be going back there for sure! It was way too much fun and WAY more than just a feed store!

Anyway, we tried to have lunch at a little Mexican place, but I kinda lost interest in the not so flavorful taco salad when I started to pull sticks (yes sticks) out of my salad. I was thankful that they were an “organic” product, but still not too appetizing. I’m not sure how that place earned it’s 4 star Yelp review. However, after getting shopping done I was still hungry and we found a little cafe’ that was a mucho better experience! I had lemon meringue pie for the first time in AGES and it was awesome!!

We journeyed home and on the way back started brainstorming names for our little farm here. That was fun, and we had quite the list by the time we made it back home. Don’t think that NogEnd is going to be “the one” however. 😉

So that was last week. Tomorrow I’m going to be babysitting a pregnant goat while Stu makes the trip to church without me, but at least we got in our “date” before the kids arrived. 😉 Ha ha!