“Thanks for the hairbrush”

It may be somewhat ludicrous but Veggie Tales had a big part in my surviving college. 🙂 How, you may ask? Well because I already tend to take life too seriously. So it was nice when looming papers, projects, terrifying speeches and music rehearsals and performances could be lost in the silliness of these Bible inspired vegetables. 😀 I might add that we didn’t watch the shows, we just had the audio, which made it all the more funny! Good memories!

For some reason today, the Hairbrush Song by Larry the Cucumber has been going around in my head. It still makes me smile! Some of my favorite quotes:

“Both Larry and the Peach were shocked and slightly embarrassed by the sight of… each other.”

“Why do you need a hairbrush you don’t have any hair?”

“Larry is taken aback! The thought had never occurred to him.”