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So Polka’s due date (or one possible one) was the 9th. For some reason the time of her actual breeding wasn’t solid so it could have been the 9th OR maybe the 14th. Hmmm…

Well, the 9th has come and gone, and she doesn’t seem to be in any hurry. Though she seems rather large and uncomfortable if you ask me. But maybe I’m just projecting my own late pregnancy feelings on her.


Seems to enjoy lounging in the sun anyway.

It’s rather comical to watch her waddle around when we let them out for a stretch. Waddle waddle waddle…


Pet me?


Sure, why not?


She’s not “off her feed” at all, and seems to be acting as normal as ever. I on the other hand am totally stressed out about this! Ha! I have a stack of towels ready to go, iodine, and an extra bulb syringe, courtesy of the NICU. 😉 But no goaties yet! Arg!!!

I’ve relaxed a little since we found the battery powered baby monitor signal will reach the house. So at least I don’t have to feel like I should be traipsing out there at 2 am “just to check.” 🙂 People have asked, and I can only respond with what I’ve read, but apparently goats in labor are quite vocal. So we should be able to hear “something” before the wee ones arrive. But I’m still hoping it’s more of a daytime experience.

Hear that, Polka? DAYTIME!! 😉 And any ol time now would be great!


Not sure if she’s listening.

Shared on the barn hop over at The Prairie Homestead. 🙂

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