Downton Abbey Season 4 Premier

So we are Downton Abbey fans! It took us awhile to jump on board that train. We do not have t.v, cable or satelite. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that we made that decision for our family way back before we had kids! So what we’ve done in the past to get random entertainment was sometimes Hulu or Netflix, and it’s fun to get “hooked” on a series from time to time as long as it isn’t all the time. 🙂

We’ve seen CSI (till they got rid of Grissom and then it just kinda fell apart and we quit), some of the Doomsday Preppers shows, ha, food network like shows, some of those “reality” shows like Undercover Boss. Just whatever, whenever.

By the time we caught on to Downton Abbey it was already in it’s 3’rd season so we had to go back and “catch up” on Season’s 1 & 2. While I was totally intrigued by the whole time period and the way it showcased both above and below stairs stories, I confess that at some points in the first episode I was about ready to say, “Nah, not for me.” Eventually though we came to really enjoy the show. Although, like everyone else, I was less than thrilled with the way they kept killing off the characters. Though I suppose as a writer you’re in a bit of a bind when a main character says that they are not coming back.

Anyway, it was with great anticipation that we looked forward (FINALLY) to the premier of season four on Sunday night, and I have to admit…

I wasn’t awed.

It took me awhile to get used to the new hair styles on every character, but I could deal with that. What seemed a little disapointing to me was that the story lines all seemed… reused.

I mean, couldn’t we get Thomas to be nice for once? Especially considering that without Mr. Bate’s help he wouldn’t have a job at all? Couldn’t Lady Grantham EVER see through the deceit of servants instead of implicitly believing everything they say? Especially since said servants have been less than reliable in the past? Can’t Lady Edith finally decide if she is going to make something of her life instead of chasing men around the country? Can’t Lord Grantham begin to accept the advice and input of people around him without acting like such a jerk about it all?

Just wondering. It seemed to me that this new season, marked with the obvious absence of a very vital figure, would have been a good time to kind of “grow” the characters out of their past “typical” rolls.

Might be just me though. 😉

Lets see how the season progresses.