Random Saturday Post

I have decided to name the spider in the window Hector. Spoken with a bit of a uh… accent, Spanish or French take your pick. 😉 I figured since the creature will be there till Spring, I may as well get acquainted. Though don’t expect me to show any mercy when that plastic comes off the window! No matter how hard they try they can never really make “Charlotte” all cute and appealing. Nope!

Scratched another off my bucket list this weekend as Stu and I went on a fun double date (kidless) with our friends Matt and Rachael to the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas concert! It was fun! 🙂 I told Stu at one point, it’s just a bunch of music nerds trying to be hip. 😉 Hee hee! Had a great time!

We also spent about 3 hours at The Melting Pot. And yes, we DO fondue! 😉

All three kids are in the bathtub having a grand old time. That usually means that the entire room from floors to ceiling will be wet by the time they are done. *sigh* I have a deep down feeling that I should somehow intervene, but I’m enjoying having them contained and away from my person for a few minutes too much to do it. (That would be a doozy of a sentence to diagram, and no, I’m not gonna try it!)

My MIL brought over another old-fashioned quilt for me to use! Guess all the whining payed off. Ha! 😉 I’m excited about having it on my bed tonight though cause it is chiiiiiiily!

I had a good chiropractic adjustment on Friday! LONG overdue! It seemed to have helped my neck but unfortunately the dizzies that have been pestering me are still around. Grrrr!! I’m trying to figure out what it is that aggravates it and I’m starting to think it’s the wood smoke that irritates my allergies and causes congestion and inner-ear issues and subsequently dizziness. At least that’s my “theory” for now. 🙂 I’m going to start taking allergy pills again for a bit and try to be more consistent on the ACV. Hopefully it’ll help, cause I don’t like this feeling. Plus, I think I’ve had a “ghost” migraine that hasn’t been helping. That’s what I call it when I’m experiencing migraine symptoms without the excruciating headaches that go with. Sometimes there’s a mild headache, but I still get the aura, nausea or dizziness without the extreme throbbing. Dunno… I’m not a head expert. Ha!

A certain child of mine broke 4 of the 7 eggs that they were told to collect this afternoon. I’m not completely convinced that it was an “accident.” 🙁

I might have to make more cranberry stuff to go with our left over turkey. It’s pretty popular stuff, so I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to make it next year. I know I won’t want to buy the canned cranberry sauce that has added corn syrup, but I’ve had absolutely NO experience with making my own “sauce” with fresh cranberries… so I’ll have to think through this a bit. Good thing I have a year to do it.

There IS left over pie in the fridge… and I think I hear a piece calling my name!! Pretty sure that it’s advising me to wait till the monkeys are in bed however, so I don’t have to share. 🙂 Ha ha ha!! Hey, they got the last three peppermint sticks from Cracker Barrel so they aren’t deprived!

Is tomorrow really December? How is that even possible? Does someone want to come decorate for Christmas for me? I’m kinda… not in the mood. 😉 And shopping for gifts? Yeah, someone can volunteer to do that too. Thanks!

My hubby got me hooked on a trivia game called Quiz Up. You should try it! (Said Eve to Adam) But really, it’s fun! And to be totally truthful, I do not play as immoderately as him… so it’s all okay. 😉 Ha ha ha!! I did pretty good at the Hunger Games book topic.

And speaking of Hunger Games, we saw Catching Fire this weekend and it was really good!! As far as movies made from books, I feel like this one was one of the best done that I’ve seen! I already want to watch it again! The baboon scared me the last time!

Toodles for now!