Thanksgiving 2014


I’ve been thinking about what Thanksgiving is going to look like next year. Now that is forward thinking. 😉 Usually I don’t think about Thanksgiving or it’s fixin’s till I’m nearly in a state of panic the week before! Ha!

But I have been thinking about next year because as I picked up the “fixin’s” for this years feast, I had to grit my teeth a little and just let it go knowing that there was “stuff” (for lack of a nicer word at the moment) in nearly everything that is going to be on the table, that I do NOT want in our diets. Yep! But we are not far enough along in our journey of eating “real” food to make this year’s Thanksgiving dinner that much different. The awareness is there, but it’s only dawning. It’s not in full bloom yet.

Next year though…

Next year I’d like to raise our own turkeys. I plan to get 3 and name them Thanksgiving, Christmas and Justin Case. 😉 I’d like to raise them along with a whole freezer full of broilers which I think would be about 40-50 birds. We’ll see.

Next year I’m cutting out as much ingredients that contain anything GMO as possible. Our breads will be whole wheat our desserts will contain organic cane sugar or sucanat. Hopefully we will still be getting milk from our Ladies, though that could be iffy with their breeding schedule.

I’d like to think that we’ll have pumpkins, corn, green beans and squashes from our own garden, but I’ve yet to have much success growing stuff so that remains to be seen as well.

Next year there will be no stuffing from a box. No turkey injected with salt and who knows whatever else in it’s young sad life. No fake whipped cream. No GMO corn. No canned green beans.

I might even try my hand at home made, farm fresh egg nog. 🙂 We’ll see.

But next year is a long ways off and a lot of things still need to change a bit to turn this Titanic around. This year we’re having our typical feast, and we’re going to share it with family and laugh and eat too much and have a good time. And I’m going to institute a new tradition with our “thankful table cloth” where we all write a “thanks” on from year to year.

And ya know, I’m going to be thankful for it all even if we do eat GMO’s and MSG. 😉

Next year will be different, but this year we still have so much to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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