The LRB and how it grew

Here’s the latest and greatest iPhone photos of the progress of our LRB! Stu salvaged this black paper stuff from some other project “round here” and we were able to use it on the roof of the LRB! Yay for not having to buy it!! Once you start building things yourself you realize just how expensive building stuff is! Wow!


Also in the above photo you can see the color of the roof on those 2 white strips. Yep LRB with a white roof! I can’t wait till it’s done!!

In the mean time I have learned something about that lil green ladder you see there.


We don’t get along. I get this overwhelming sense of panic if I have to step above the first two steps. That ladder has a difficult time staying put when I put it somewhere, and even a little shift can completely freak me out! I never was one to be afraid of heights in my “younger days” but I’m not fond of them at all now! In fact I have a confession to make. I didn’t really enjoy the big Ferris Wheel ride in California Adventure when we went last year. It kinda freaked me out too…. and made me motion sick. Blah!

Anyway, Stu tells me that it’s not really that far of a fall if I were to fall, but somehow… it’s not so reassuring.

And look who’s taken to haunting the barn! Our rather opinionated long lost and found cat!


He keeps getting “lost” because he’s taken a staunch stand against cohabiting with the puppy. He’ll be gone for a few days then turn up in a random place and we’ll haul him back to the house to spend some time in the garage till the next time he vanishes. I’m thinking of just making him a barn cat anyway since I don’t want other critters invading the space.

But the cat may win out in the end anyway because sadly today the pup murdered one of our chickens in broad daylight, while on his chain, before the very eyes of our kids. 🙁 This makes me really sad on a lot of levels. One, the deceased was none other than Henny Penny our first, and probably best, layer. *sigh* Second, because now we have to make the decision of what to do with the dog. ARGGGGGG!!! It wouldn’t be an issue if the kids didn’t like him so much. Boo! We have told them that he would have to go if he wouldn’t leave the chickens alone, so it’s not like it would be a complete surprise, but seeing the tears well up in Qade’s eyes as he reminded Myles of the fact torments a mommy’s heart. Stupid dog!

Anyway, so we’ll see what happens there. I don’t have any more brain power to give to it tonight. Tomorrow is a new day and perhaps an answer will come with it. 🙂

After all of that I’ll leave you with the sunset view from the barn! Those goats have it good, let me tell ya! I never get sick of the Southwestern sky! Lovely!


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