The Red Door

So my “get this barn thing done” project for today was to paint the back door. This is the door on the ‘goat’ side of the barn so it’s not like it’s going to be all that amazing in who knows how much time, but I still wanted our Little Red Barn to at least begin by looking good. 🙂

Stu found this solid (read heavy!) door in the old barn on the property. I have no idea where it originated, but it is a good old fashioned door that will hold up to any amount of head butting these goaties can dish out!

It’s got the cracked paint, antique look already! 🙂

So… painting a door is not a simple, slap on some paint process like I imagined it would be. Ahem! Today our dear little Gabbster thought that she should boycott naps… or at least wake up every 45 minutes and wail like the world is coming to an end for a bit. I still really wanted to get this door painted TODAY. But my idea of just quickly “rolling” the door with paint didn’t really work out so it took me longer today to get it done between coats and checking on babies. See, this door has those little decorative cut out things. Come to think of it, there really aren’t many just flat doors, right? But anyway, the roller didn’t work so well and I was stuck painting those “cut outs” with a one inch brush. Hmmm…

Oh, and if you were thinking that I should sand all that chipy paint off the door before slathering on my favorite ever red paint… 1) you’re probably right and 2) nu-uh! I am in “get this barn done” mode and am not going to stop for some silly thing like sanding an old door. 😉 Besides, if it was difficult to paint those cut-outs, can you imagine sanding them??!!

Anyway, here’s a preview of the door, this is after only one coat that is not completely dry. No, it is NOT pink, mom! 😉

And a close up of the awesome knob/keyhole! I wasn’t originally going to paint the hardware but uh, my painting hands aren’t so steady. 😉

Love it when we can repurpose things! This door’s going to be great and it’s just one step closer to the LRB finally being done so our Ladies can move in! 🙂

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