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Our goats are home!! Well, they are in temporary lodgings for now while we continue construction on the “Goat Palace” as Stu’s been calling it. 🙂 I can’t WAIT to show that off in an upcoming post!

This is how our ladies traveled from the “valley” back. It was a little snug, but they did just fine!


A big thanks to DaNelle <-- (click to view her fun blog), and Bobbie for their amazing help and work to get us off on the right food with our little herd. 🙂 I even had my first milking lesson when we picked up Polly. And no, I'm not a natural, but I think I have the basic idea when it comes time for us to start milking! The kids already love the goats and feed them leaf by leaf through the fence, ha! The ladies are certainly not used to the colder climate up here (it was in the upper 80's when we picked them up) but I think they'll adapt pretty quickly. And once they get moved in to The Little Red Barn, I think things will smooth out nicely! That's it for now. Stay tuned to see the barn which WILL be up by the end of the weekend! 😉

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