The Little Red Barn Begins

😀 My very own, personal, handy-dandy carpenter has begun construction on the Little Red Barn! I’m so excited!!!

Pay no mind to the unorganized garage! It’s been a hectic 5 months or so! If you look carefully, you’ll find Ella hiding out in the background! Qade spends his time around the saw like this….

He is not keen on loud noises!

Here is one of the side walls!
Well, the frame for it anyway! This side is 16′ long. The whole structure will be 10.5 by 16 feet. Divided in half the front side of the “barn” is for milking and feed storage, and the back will be stalls and space for the goats!

Stu is building it in pieces down at the house where there are more level surfaces…since my “hill leveling skilz” apparently need some refining 😉 … and then he’ll haul them up and fit them together at the site.

Here is the frame for the front. Well, part of it.

Since I took these photos, he has already got the rest of this frame done, and has put siding on the 16′ side! If only I had picked up the red paint, I could start painting it already!!! I can hardly wait till it’s done.

Less than 2 weeks till our goaties arrive! We are all super excited! Ella keeps telling me “I tan’t wait till our doats get here!” 🙂 I can’t wait too!! Though this morning when I went out to turn the chickens loose and it was SO cold, I couldn’t help thinking that I picked a “great” time of year to get goats! Ha ha!