The Pit of Despair

So I asked a question on FB this week about the age appropriateness, or more specifically the language content of the movie “The Princess Bride.” Typically, this isn’t an issue for me as I have a remarkable “movie memory” but for some reason I couldn’t remember this particular one that well. At least I couldn’t remember bad language. I was given a quick refresher, as well as reminders of the scary scenes by some thoughtful facebook friends. I only really remembered the funny parts, so I guess I wasn’t thinking so much scary. Anyway, I read the book a couple of times too, and for laughs, it’s even better than the movie! FYI! 😉 So I’ve come to the conclusion that I will need to watch it again, just for my own sake, and that the humor is probably far beyond my kids at this point anyway so they can wait a bit to watch it. It’s not as funny when you have to explain to little inquiring minds why it is funny. 😉

But all of that was for free brought on by my pit of despair reference. I was in fact trying to come up with a title that would aptly describe my house situation, and that was the first phrase that popped into my mind. 😀 Yes, it’s THAT bad! This is quite possibly the worst it has been since we brought the twins home… and that’s got to be saying something!

Pretty much everything started to fall apart on Wednesday as I mentioned with the crazy kid day. Then yesterday I got halfway through some laundry before Stu made it home with the new oven. Of course our lovely Gallup Home Depot gave him the wrong connector, so we couldn’t even get the thing completely set up. So there’s a half set up oven in my kitchen, a completely not set up, but rather dirty oven in the kids “play room” slowly making it’s way to the garage, a huge oven box in the laundry room with a blanket draped over one end because the kids promptly made a “tent” out of it. Some folded laundry on the floor, some unfolded laundry in a chair (which pile keeps growing because today I am doing MORE laundry) and various school artifacts strewn about the house, a completely disorganized kitchen complete with a sink full of dirty dishes and various items the UPS man brought for my adventure in natural homemade deodorant making. *WHEW* That’s scratching the surface anyway. If you’d look a little deeper you’d find, clothes that need to be sorted and organized and swapped out for colder weather, clothes that need to be sorted by size for the twins to grow into, clothes that need to be donated to Goodwill because they no longer fit or are needed here, and a bunch of dirty clothes still too. 😉 You’d also find a plastic dishes cabinet that needs to be organized, a closet or two that need some attention and decluttering and an ENTIRE room full of “stuff” that I don’t know what to do with that needs a bunch of work too.

Think the title is still too dramatic? 😉 Ha ha!

Okay, so I’m not exactly in despair over it. But it is adding to the overwhelmed feeling a bit because besides the house I need to take care of the litter box in the garage before we all die of the fumes, feed and water the chickens, and cat. Figure out where we are going to “stow” the goats, and get a pen and shelter built before they arrive, clean the yard of various and sundry summer time toys that have been broken to bits and somehow dispose of them without nuclear meltdowns from said toys “owners” even though they don’t get played with. Toy Story 3 traumatized my children beyond belief when it comes to the thought of throwing away a toy!

So I have a lot of mental pressure with all this junk piling up and projects that never seem to end. I think… though I can’t be sure, that I can get the house in some kind of decent shape, get the laundry uh.. done or something, and deal with the feeding of poultry and cat, and littler box. Those are my biggest priorities. So if I could just pry myself away from this computer, that would be a really great first step!

Ta ta!

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