So, yesterday was a doozy of a crazy day! To the tune of one broken window, unfinished school work and 3 EXTREMELY hyper, and dramatic, whiney, quarrelsome kids! I’d like to know who snuck into my house in the middle of the night and gave my kiddos ADHD! 🙂 I’d have a thing or two to “share” with them. Ha ha!

No really, I think its the weather. On Ella’s birthday (post coming soon) last Saturday, the last day of summer *sniff*, it was an absolutely beautiful day!! Simply perfect for all the kids who came to run around outside and swing and jump on the “jump-o-leen” as our friend Kathryn has dubbed it! Perfect! The very next day, ya know first day of Autumn, the wind started blowing like a gale as if it were truly trying to blow away the last bit of summer. Temps took a dive even reaching a low of 32*! So I guess the seasons took their calendar days very seriously this time around. Anyway, it’s been cooler and windy ever since, and for some reason it hypes the kids up.

For my own sanity’s sake I have reinstated “quiet time” for the lads while Ella and the twins are napping in the afternoon. They don’t have to sleep, but they have to choose a quite activity that they can do in their beds. Today Qade is using the doodler, and Myles opted for some “calm down toys.” And right now the house is blissfully quiet except for the wind that keeps blowing. Wish I could give it some quiet time too!

I didn’t get in my workout yesterday because of said craziness, and believe me when I tell you that one little paragraph was a gross understatement! By the time I wrangled (seriously) all the big kids into bed, the littlest kids started up shrieking like the world was coming to an end. By the time I got everyone and everything as settled as it was going to be it was already going on 9pm and my energy tank was running on fumes…. if that. So I made the executive decision to take one of my rest days in the middle of the week and I’ll “catch up” with my workout on Saturday. It’ll be fine!

I’m loving this new workout from Beachbody though! It’s only 25 minutes a day (or 27.5 if you count the cool down at the end) 5 days a week!! I can never come up with an excuse for not getting in 25 minutes… except yesterday. 😉 But if you’d been here you’d know that there was not a drama free 25 min to be had in yesterday! Ugh! Digressing… The workouts are still super intense, but manageable because you know that you only have to make it 25 minutes! It’s great! I got on the scale this morning and am down one lb this week! I’m interested to see if I’ll drop another on my actual “weigh in” on Sunday!

There are 2 days that I am really looking forward too. 1) The day I can fit into my size 6 pants and 2) the day they are too loose! 😉 I realize that the second day may actually never happen, and I’m groovy with that. The first day I know WILL happen, and I’m looking really forward to THAT!!

With my personal body makeover in progress I’ve been trying to be very aware of what I eat. Not diet, mind you, that is an icky word, but to be very intentional about what I’m eating and making good food choices. We moms often just grab whatever on the run between whatever kid issues are going on and it’s usually not the best choice. 🙂 So I have been trying to make sure I start out my day right with a high protein breakfast. This week that means I’ve been having my “low-carb” pancakes every day because our stove is out of commission. The kids were SO excited that they got to have cereal this week since I couldn’t make oatmeal, but today the new one is coming home and tomorrow we’ll have some good ol’ oatmeal for breakfast! 😉 I usually alternate having a total protein breakfast with a complex carb breakfast like oatmeal. Anyway, if I get my day off to a good start then I usually have a better time following through. I know everyone’s metabolism acts differently but I have found that for me to lose any weight and especially the flabby middle, which is where I need the most help, I have to avoid simple carbs. I don’t go “carbless” or Palio or whatever. I just try to not eat stuff like bread, crackers and tortillas as much. I still do have it sometimes. 🙂

For lunches, I try to make them interesting. It takes a little more time to do something like deviled eggs as opposed to just wolfing down a boiled egg, but it makes for a more interesting and ultimately satisfying lunch. 🙂 Here’s a couple that I’ve done recently. The first is my deviled eggs (which really don’t take that long) and an apple with peanut butter drizzled on it. It all looked so good that the kids were buzzing around me like vultures trying to snag some of MY lunch even though they’d already had theirs! Ha!

And this one was from today. I like to have carrots when I feel the need for crunch! I had some Doritos left over from the party, but I think this bit of orange is a much better option. 😉 And cutting up a boiled egg is also a good trick, for me anyway, of making it less boring. And the turkey avocado wraps were really good too! I put just a bit of mustard on the turkey slice, added the avocado slices and then wrapped them up. But I ate them with a fork instead of picking them up because I don’t like the way meat feels. 😉 I could have wrapped them in lettuce leaves too, I suppose. And I had iced tea (without the ice, ha!) sweetened with honey. 🙂 Yum! This lunch was very good!

And my favorite after workout snack is a green smoothie! I use either fresh spinach or the frozen cubes I make, and add it to frozen fruit, a banana for sweetness and usually some kind of nuts or nut butter, and ground flax. Then depending on if I want it creamy or not I add milk or OJ. It’s good and it hits the spot every time! Oh, and if I want an extra “punch” of good fats, I add a table spoon of Coconut Oil too!