Pretty Polly our New Goat!

I can’t believe we are getting a goat!!!! Yay!!! It’s happening kinda like the day I left the house on a regular old shopping trip and came back with a dozen chicks. 🙂 Something we’ve been talking about, but thought it would happen “one day” and then BAM! that one day is here! 🙂 I came across this hilarious and very helpful blog called “Weed ’em and Reap” <--- this is a link to her blog if you wanna check it out) when I was scouring the internet for information on Nigerian Dwarf goats. I love this gal's writing style and funny spin on the challenges and perks of urban homesteading. Bonus points for living in AZ too!! 🙂 Well the other day she posted on Facebook that she was going to sell one of her Nigerian Dwarfs, Polly, and did anyone want her. Ha ha! I was like, "yeah, me!!!" But I didn't think it would actually happen. For one, she has like a zillion people following her on FB and 2, she lives in the Valley with access to a zillion other people, so I figured her little goat would be snatched up before I could really get info or show interest. BUT... it didn't turn out that way! I texted her first about the goat's temperament. Because even though these little goats are known for being adorable and friendly, you just never know, and I didn't want a wild and wooly one around our kids. She replied that she's great with kids and hers, in fact, ride her! Ha! So that was good, but then there was the logistics to work out with us living 6 hours away from there and various other details like getting Polly bred before we get her so that we'll actually have milk, and KIDS!!, in a few months! Anyway, long story kinda shorter, we figured it all out, and put down a deposit to hold Polly for us! She has to hang out down there for a bit to get pregnant anyway, so that'll give us some time to get things ready for here here! DaNelle is so very helpful and full of info! She said she'd be happy to show us how to milk, which is crucial for us greenhorns! So we're pumped about bringing home our very own raw milk factory! And in case you've ever tasted store bought goat milk (hurk!) apparently Nigerians have the sweetest milk of any of the milk goats and it supposedly tastes nothing like the nasty stuff in the store, so I'm super excited about this!! Especially after my shopping trip this weekend where I felt like there were GMO skulls and crossbones looking at me from every item I picked up at the store, this is a welcome surprise! We still have several weeks of anticipation before we can bring our girl home, and get acquainted, and then several months after that before she has her kids and we can start getting milk. But it's still going to be sooner than it would be if we bought a baby. We are also going to look into the possibility of getting a second one at the same time we pick up Polly. We were informed of a neighbor that has a couple that could be for sale as well, and we've read that the goats really need to have a buddy to be happy. Plus if we get two we can have them bred at different times of year and get milk all year! 🙂 That would be ideal! Plus I already have plans for keeping a kid if it turns out to be a doeling! 🙂 Things are getting adventurous around here!

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