Willy Nilly

This morning at breakfast the kids invented a character called “Tank” and kept asking me if Tank was a cartoon or pretend or something. I kept insisting that I did not know Tank, had never seen Tank and had no idea if Tank was a cartoon or a show or whatever. Weird! Then Myles said that Tank was so strong he could lift a house! Ella piped up “Me too!” which she often says whenever anyone can do anything. Myles answered, “You can’t lift a house, you’re a girl! Girls aren’t strong enough to lift a house. Girls are squishy!” 😉 Now to fully understand that statement which really made me laugh, you have to realize that Qade and Myles are really into “muscles” these days. They like to make muscles and feel muscles. They have tested out Daddy’s muscles, Mommy’s muscles, and Grandma Noggle’s muscles, and have come to the conclusion that girl’s muscles are “squishy.” 😀 And compared to Myles they really are! That boy is as tight as can be, but hey, we can’t all be like a stretched rubber band! Ha! Anyway, maybe sometime my muscles won’t be quite so squishy.

Today is my birthday! Yippee! We won’t really be celebrating till tomorrow because of responsibilities that Stu has at school today. Though ya know, after awhile the “celebrations” are much calmer events. The kids are always up for a birthday though! I had to ask my mom how old I was going to be this time around. I know, I know, I’m still too young to be THAT far gone mentally. (I hope) You have to remember though that I now have 5 other birthdays that I have to keep track of, plus Stu’s so it’s a lot of numbers to remember! Every time I take one of the kids to the doc or make an apt over the phone I have to scramble to remember their birth dates! At least with the twins it’s the same. Of course the doctor’s office had one of them wrong, so it didn’t help anyway! All of that to say that I’m 35 today! Half way done with the 30’s! Kinda weird to think about that way. I’ve never been very “age phobic” so I don’t care that I’m on the downswing to 40. I just hope that at some point I can get enough sleep to remember some of this decade. 😉

It’s been kind of slow going today. We finally made it through school. Ella is being a major pill recently because she can’t figure out what in the world to do with herself while the boys do school. Everything that I try to amuse her with only lasts a very short time. So I’m bouncing between her issues, taking care of the babies and helping the boys with school. Is it any wonder that it’s going on 2pm and the dishwasher has only been halfway unloaded? *sigh* I did get dinner in the crockpot started, so that’s something. I have to focus on one small accomplishment at a time these days because if I think about everything I need to get done I just want to find a hole somewhere and cry. SO, today will be a successful day if I get the dishes done! Ta-da!

I’m wearing glasses again today for the second time this week. My allergies are making me SO miserable right now! Ugh! If there is sage brush in heaven it better not be the allergic kind! 😉 My eyes are just unhappy campers lately and I often think it would feel much better if I could just scratch them out of my head! So, the contacts haven’t really been helping in that department. Last night while Stu and I were giving the girls their dream feed, ya know the one that is supposed to help them “last” through the night (ha!), I literally had to grit my teeth because my eyes itched SOOOO badly and I was feeding a sleeping baby. Torture!! I should have taken the contacts out before hand, of course, but I didn’t think of that till I was sitting there unable to rub my eyes! Arg!!! Ha ha! Oh my.

Apparently we are getting some “moisture” and by that I mean it rained BUCKETS yesterday, from a tropical storm. Just goes to show how plugged in to current events I am. My dad had to tell me about it because I never hear the news. Hmmm… Oh well! The moisture is welcome, we could certainly use more here, but I don’t care for the soggy feel at all. Today I was reminded of when I lived in Florida and it seemed like nothing was every completely dry. Plus it was cold all the time because every building had refrigerated air. And people who are never completely dry having to sit in refrigerated air = cold people! I’m cold now just thinking about it! Maybe I’ll go make some hot chocolate! 😉

The weather is changing, sadly. Ya know, I was a total Fall buff for forever! I loved Fall best of all and couldn’t wait for the weather to cool and the leaves to change and sweater weather. But now… well, summer is just too short. It is really. And I don’t like to be cold. Just no. So I’m hanging on to the end of summer with 2 hands and digging my heels into the mud trying to convince it to stay. I never win though. And once I give up and bust out the sweaters, I’ll probably be happy to see Fall again. Right now though, I’d really like a bit more sunshine!!! Pretty please!?

There ya have it. A bit of randomness for your day. 😉 I think I will go finish unloading the dishwasher before the 2 tiny ones start clamoring for the chuck wagon again. 🙂 Toodles! Enjoy my birthday!

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