Today was the first day of school, bah-humbug! I’m still a little bitter that summer is over, but oh well! Apparently those of us who wan’t school to start AFTER Labor Day are in the minority. But homeschool takes care of that, ha! Anyway, if you want to read my thoughts on our first day you can look at my post on my “musings” blog. HERE’s the link just to make it easy on you. 😉

Henny Penny, our one Golden Girl who has been laying eggs has managed to produce one a day for the past 4 days! She’s totally into it! 😉 I’m proud of her, and it’s fun to go down to the coop and see that lil brown beauty just waiting for me there! Ha ha! I’m looking forward to the others catching up. You’d think they’d all kinda be on the same… “schedule?” At least the ones that are the same breed. I know that there could have been a day or so discrepancy in their ages when we got them as chicks, but they were basically the same size. Oh well. I suppose some are early and some are late bloomers just like anything. But I bought a carton of eggs while shopping this week and couldn’t help but think how nice it will be to NOT have to do that! Soon, I hope!

I forgot to mention that the twins are both hovering on and around the 50% for their age size/weight wise. So that’s pretty good, I’d say, for having such an early start!

I’m transitioning the twins to a 3.5 hr-ish routine now. I think that eating every 3 hours during the day is too much for them. They’re taking between 3-4oz a feed now and I feel like I really have to coax them to take it, like they aren’t “that” hungry when it comes time for a meal. So I’m going to start spacing them out and hope to hit closer to the 4 hour routine around when they are 4 months old. That’ll make it a bit easier to fit everything else in around their routine when it’s stretched out a bit more. Still waiting for that magic moment. 🙂 It’s coming, I know it!!

On a completely different topic, I have no idea what to do for dinner tonight! Hmmmmm…

The kids all got little dry erase boards as part of their first day of school surprise. The boys really wanted to draw on them, and I really wanted them outside. So the compromise is they are sitting at the picnic table drawing on their boards. 🙂 It works!

Well, I’m going to take a trip down to the coop just to ‘check’ if there are any other treasures, and to drop off some kitchen scraps too. Plus I need the fresh air as much as the kiddos do.

Oh, I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte the other day and the taste and smell of it nearly made me crave the Fall. I’m still not ready for it to be Fall though, but as warm as it’s been the past few days it seems I may have a while still. 😉 I froze through late July and August and now that Sept has hit it’s blazing hot! Weird! Anyway, enjoy whatever manifestation of Global Warming you are experiencing these days!

Ta ta for now!