Today felt like a productive day!

Today I tackled the “mess room” and got through quite a bit. There’s quite a bit more to do, but progress has been made!

Today I did not wig out on my kids!

Today I thought I would cook a roast and realized last minute that it was not roast, but ground beef! Oops! Meatloaf for dinner tomorrow!

Today I fed my kids pizza for dinner. 🙂

Today I let go of a lot of the mommy guilt that I didn’t even know I was carrying because of the twins bedtime issues. Whew!

Today I am not going to bed with my house still a wreck! Granted the basket of clothes to be folded may still be there in the morning, but the rest of it is tidy! Yay!

Today the 3 bigger monkeys worked much harder on their attitudes and getting along. I know they were really trying. I appreciate that!

Today I realized that we can have very good days even if we haven’t achieved our “magic moment” yet.

God knew I needed today!