So close…. and yet

Ya know that magic moment I mentioned where things just finally fall into place and *poof* family is functioning at a new “normal” and it’s comfortable. There’s a predictable routine, the kids know what they are going to be doing, mommy knows when things are going to happen, babies are sleeping, eating and waking when they should and life is rosy! Well, that moment hasn’t happened yet, but it’s so close on some days I can almost taste it!!!

The last couple of days have been that way. I’ve been able to get more done than just what is necessary to survival, and it felt good. The twins slept for 6 hour stretches at night and that is good too! Some “genius” somewhere has decided that sleeping for 6 hours is considered “sleeping through the night.” Obviously that yahoo hasn’t had an infant in their home. No parent I know considers getting up at 4 am to feed a hungry baby(ies) as sleeping through the night! Still it’s a good start, and WAY better than getting up every 3!

Anyway, so yesterday in the morning I was feeling pretty good! Got a few “extra” things done besides feeding hungry mouths. I made laundry detergent which was almost a crisis since we were one load away from being out. Not good! I also made some lip balm because I was nearly out of that too, and that just cannot happen! If mama ain’t got chapstick, ain’t nobody gonna be happy! I changed up my recipe a little on that one. The one I’d been using called for Shea Butter, which I’m sure must be a great product, but I dislike the texture. I didn’t like how it made the lip balm seem gritty or something. So I took it completely out, added more bees wax and some sweet almond oil instead. So far so good! Me likey!!

But anyway, I guess I bit off more than I could chew yesterday and overdid it a bit. I was pretty exhausted by late afternoon, and not feeling so swell thanks to my good ol’ sage allergies. I really just wanted to go to bed and S-L-E-E-P!!! But since we’ve not achieved that magic moment yet guess what happened?? If you said “The girls refused to go to bed and kept squalling all evening long till nearly 11pm” then you’d be right. 🙁 Not a happy time for mama! Even after they got to sleep they didn’t sleep “well” so the little snatches of sleep that I did get weren’t for very long at a time.

So this morning was also pretty “non-magical” as I attempted to deal with the oh-so-numerous issues of my other small fries! *sigh* Some of them got to sit in their rooms for awhile until they could come out and contribute to the family happily. The twins have been napping okay, but fuss about activity time. I’m relentless though! They WILL stay up longer in the day if that’s what it takes to make them go to bed in a decent manner.

I’m really looking forward to that moment…. I hope it comes along soon before I go insane!