Well, we have a new puppy at our house. He showed up a couple of days ago. For some reason people like to drive back on our “private property” “dead end” dirt road and dump off unwanted animals. Very sad. 🙁 We’ve had puppies on several occasions, a pregnant cat, and several tomcats. We tried to relocate them to homes, but aren’t always able to and have had to take animals to the shelter more than once. And they charge US for dropping off the animals. I know they don’t stand much of a chance at the shelter, but at least they’ll be warm and fed till they are euthanized rather than have to slowly starve to death out here in the wilderness. Inconsiderate people!!!

Anyway, Lucky here showed up the other night and started yapping because he was nervous about our dog Cisco. Cisco is fairly harmless, but Lucky didn’t know that. 😉 I figured he’d be gone by the morning, but Stuart was convinced he would stick around. Guess he knows his stuff because sure enough next morning there sat the pup. Stu took some photos of him and was going to try to find a teacher at one of the schools who would take him till he could find a good home. The kids were left with instructions not to mess with the “little dog” as Ella called him.

I went out later in the day to let the chickens in their run. We did’t want to let them out with the puppy on the loose because we weren’t sure of his temperament. The chickens, however, had other plans. Even though I closed them in, they have gotten used to having the run of the place, and in pretty much no time, all but the smallest had flown over the run fence and were wandering free. I went out to see if the pup was chasing or bothering them, but he pretty much just ignored them. Good! That works because trying to corral those free-ranging hens would have been a HUGE ordeal!

I fed the puppy because I don’t let animals starve. And he made friends with me very quickly. He’s a friendly little guy and only growl/barks at the dog or the cat. But it’s all bluff. He acted like he was going to chase the cat, but when the cat stood his ground, he turned tail and ran to hide! 😉 Oh and the kids could hardly stand not to “mess” with the puppy because he so badly wanted to be their friend! So I allowed them to pet him while I was outside with them. Reminding them all the while that he was not here to stay. 😉

I had suggested to Stu that we keep him since he seemed to be sweet and liked the kids. Cisco is a good dog, but he doesn’t really interact with the kids that much, and as far as playing, he won’t even fetch a ball, so he’s kinda boring as a kid’s dog. Stu didn’t want another dog though so I kept reminding the kids that this puppy was going to leave.

Well, the next day Stu did find a teacher who would take him. By then the kids, Qade especially, kept saying that the dog should stay with us because we “love” him and he likes us, and he licks a lot so we’re calling him “Licky.” Ha ha! The puppy had been following them around outside all day and they had a blast! I reminded them that the dog was going that night to a new home.

BUT when Stu got home and saw how attached the kiddos had become to this little rogue puppy, he decided to let them keep him. 🙂 He’s a good Daddy! I was happy too, because I’d grown rather fond of little “Licky” as well, though I’m not too crazy about being licked. So we tweaked his name a little when we told the kids he could stay and Licky became Lucky because he is lucky that he gets to stay and live with us! The kids are thrilled and he’s been playing really well with them! Qade has been hiking around outside all morning with his little dog in tow. 😉

He looks to be Red Heeler of some sort, and I think he’ll be a pretty dog. I’m guessing he’s around 4-ish months old at this point. I’m pretty sure he’ll warm up to Cisco before long, and it’ll be good for Cisco to have another dog around to keep him in line. 😉 Ha ha!


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