Fitness Goals

One of our “homework” projects for the fitness challenge is to write down some specific goals that we want to achieve with the challenge. I have some that are specific and measurable, and some that are a little less measurable, but still important, I think. I figured I’d write them down here so I’d have even MORE accountability. Ha! So in no particular order, and probably no particular rhyme or reason either (mommy brain + lack of sleep = way fuzzy thoughts) here are my “goals” for the next 90 days-ish. I hope that they will last beyond that as well.

1) Lose the rest of the baby weight. This one is pretty measurable. It’s about 11 lbs that I need to lose to be “back” to where I was weight wise. The twin-skin… well that’s another goal.

2) TONE! I need to seriously tone some muscles. The most obvious of which are my flabby abs. I realize, of course, that I may never completely lose the “baby pooch” and I’ve come to grips with that. My five littles are more than worth a little stretched out skin. Still, I know I can make progress with this. I want to tone all over as well and part of that is to get back to being able to do 16 pushups on my toes (at least once) while doing Insanity. 😉 Right now I’m at like 4. Ha!

3) Make consciously healthy eating choices. This is a bit of a journey rather than a goal because as we learn more about food what we percieve as “healthy” changes. Still I think as I personally have made REALLY great strides in this over the past couple years, and as a family we are making changes as well. It’s great that we can do this now while the kids are little and they won’t feel like we are taking things away from them.

However, I still need to work at this on a daily basis and part of that will be to plan ahead. Recently I’ve gone from eating no breakfast (bad bad) to eating peanut butter toast (meh) but I know what I really need to do in order to meet some of my other goals is to have a good high protine breakfast to start the day. I just lack the motivation once I’ve fed the twins, fed the other kids, fed the chickens, to make myself breakfast. SO if I do some planning, like boil a bunch of eggs at once and keep them in the fridge, I’ll be more likely to do the right thing when it comes down to it.

“Don’t sacrifice what you ultimately want (leaner meaner me, ha) for what you want right now.” (easy fast breakfast) Got it!

4) Set a good example for my kids. This goal is less measurable, but in it I want to set an example of healthy lifestyle for my kids. I never NEVER talk about losing weight to my kids, EVER! When they ask me why I workout, I tell them it’s so I can get stronger. Body issues start so early with kids now and I don’t want them to ever think that they have to weigh a certain amount or fit into a certain size to be “pretty” or whatever. I want them to always be active and be strong. And make healthy eating choices. Along those same lines I do not diet! I don’t talk to my kids about fat or calories. We talk about how we shouldn’t have “too much” sugar, and I praise them for choosing good food options like apples and oranges for snacks.

5) SLEEP! 🙂 This goal has less to do with the challenge than getting the twins into a routine. I missed a workout day this week because I had spent a LARGE chuck of the night dealing with cranky babies and I didn’t feel that the intense workout would be a good use of the energy I had left. Ugh! So, I hope to get them into a good sleep routine and be able to recharge myself and have that time/energy for the workouts that I know are important to the rest of my goals.

So there ya have it. My “goals” for the next couple months! Wish me luck and ask me how I’m doing from time to time. 😉

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