You might remember that some time ago (was it last year or the year before??) I did a fitness challenge with a group on FB. Well the gall that was the coach that time around has stuck with it and become a gem in the Beachbody coaching world! She’s totally dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and is a super fantastic motivator! Way to go, Danielle!! You truly are inspiring!

Anyway, I knew she was starting a group challenge again in August, and had talked to her before the twins came about how I was interested in doing another challenge “sometime” because I know I need the accountability and motivation that a little competition brings to the scene. 😉 She messaged me awhile back to see if I was still interested and so I took the plunge and asked to be added to the group.

Never mind the no sleep thing, or the dealing with feeding 2 babies all day long thing, or the 3 other kids constant needs thing. And don’t even think about the dishes, laundry, cooking and cleaning thing. Nope! 😉

So while I will be doing our INSANITY program again, I honestly think I might really be just a touch insane to be adding this to my plate.

On the other hand I know that having a dedicated workout each day will help in a lot of ways. Before when I did it the workout became my “me” time in the day and that’s something I desperately need! Nice that I can get it in my house surrounded by kids and it still works! Plus I really want to get back into shape. I did SO much better with the pregnancy this time around as far as it’s tole on my body. Surprisingly! Maybe because I checked out of the last part of it, but I didn’t gain “all around” like I have in the past so that’s helpful! I can fit into a couple of my pre-preg pants. Not all of them, but I’ll take it! 😉 I need to lose about 12 lbs to be back to my pre-twins weight and then I’d still like to take a bit more off after that, but I’ll take what I can get either way.

Stuart has decided to do the challenge with me, so I’ll have a workout buddy built in! Here’s hoping that I can stick to this and see it through for the next 8 weeks of the challenge, and then beyond that, of course! 🙂 I need to get busy making some of my favorite coconut oil chocolates and some energy bites because I have to swear off sweets in order to get my “point” each day. 😉

Wish me luck!