Just Talking

Yesterday when I put the girls together they were bright eyed and bushy tailed! My idea was that they’d calm each other down and go to sleep, but neither of them seemed inclined to take a nap! So instead they had some chat time, and even “talked” with Daddy. 🙂 Or at least listened… that’s something. 😉

Daddy talking…

… girls listening.

Plotting to take over the world!! Or at least bust out of the hospital.

Though that’s easier said than done as Claire had 2 visits from security yesterday because her little ankle band kept setting off the alarm. Apparently they have to be super-duper-looks-quite-uncomfy tight in order to work properly. Her kind nurse loosened it in the morning because it looked SO tight, but they had to tighten it back up later since it kept going off.

Oh well… we’ll get out someday!

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