This time next week

We will still be here. 🙂

I made up my mind to that fact today. And it’s okay. I don’t want to be here next week, or the week after (but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there) but I think that I’ve been adding to my own stress by setting up expectations of when we’d get to finally go home.

Preemies are a new experience for us. We’re not used to being held hostage in a hospital unit, so the learning curve is steep! Plus the nurses, practitioners and all talk about “When you go home…” “She’s getting better at such’n’such, she just wants to go home…” and “It’ll probably be about a week to a week and a half…” but not really. I’m sure that they do that to keep the families spirits up, but to me it just makes things worse. Because yes, it might get your hopes up, but then it’s WAY worse when you have that concept of “home” in your mind and then one thing after another happens to delay it. That’s not fun. I just wish they’d be realistic with us. I know they don’t really know when the babies will be “ready” to go either, so just say so! That’s my thinking.

Stu has been more realistic about this whole thing than I have. He’s had it in his mind that we’d be here for probably 4 weeks. I had my heart set on leaving at 2! 🙂 Just goes to show what I know about early babies, huh? Now I wonder if we will get out by four weeks. I end up with a sinking feeling every time I think about it, so for now I’m going to take this NEXT week one day at a time.

I’m NOT going to feel upset every time I get to the hospital and they tell me how many Bradys Gabby had. She’s got to grow out of it. Nothing I can do will change the fact that she is having those episodes. Nothing THEY can do will change that fact either. I’m going to go there every day and sit and cuddle my babies, take care of their icky diapers (way to go today, Claire!) and feed them. I’m going to put them in a crib together every day so they have each other’s company, and I’m going to continue to work on their baby blankets that I’m crocheting. I will (hopefully) convince my Hurb to take me to the Melting Pot at some point when he gets back this week, because I miss him badly and I think we could use a date! Oh and I’ve never been to a melting pot before. 😉

And next Sunday I’ll write another update from my blog, and I hope that it will say that we haven’t had any Bradys in 5 days!! 🙂 We’ll see about that…

Some Sunday Sweetness for you.


Gabby modeling HER preemie onsie.

Learnin’ to love that bottle!

Baby smiles, precious!

My littlest Loves!

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