Who’s kid is it anyway?

I got to “do lunch” this week with a gal from our church who is having twin girls too! She is about 2 weeks ahead of me so it’s fun to compare notes. Part of our conversation consisted in the rather personal questions that people feel free (or even obligated) to ask people who are having babies.

I’ve parked on that soap box before so I’ll spare you another ranting post about that. 😉 Lucky you! I did run into a lady/another lady/and a guy (weird) who all asked me how long I have left. I guess I’ve gotten to that point in pregnancy hugeness where people feel that it’s “safe” to assume you’re pregnant and okay to ask. Anyway, one lady in the aisle at Hades Home Depot asked me the same question and when I told her I still had 6 weeks I also clarified twins because of the shocked look on her face. She proceeded to tell me she had babies exactly a year apart so it was “Just like having twins a year apart.” I just smiled and moved along, though in my mind I seriously doubt it was “just like twins.” Oh well… whatever. She also muttered “I feel for you!” as I was moving away, and I was THIIIIIIIS close to saying, “Well I’m not looking for sympathy, because we’re pretty excited about it!” As I was already dealing with “Home Depot Rage” symptoms I didn’t think I could pull off making it sound “nice” enough so I kept my mouth shut. You all should be proud of me!!! 😀 Ha ha!

Anyway, a friend on Facebook who is expecting her 4th baby posted about people asking if they were “done” and if they were going to get surgery and all kinds of questions that people should NOT feel they have a right to ask, posted this thing that SHE found from a friend, and I stole as well. 😉 I really like the one about the minions, and I might start using some of these just to see the look on people’s face. Ha ha ha!! Enjoy!

Stolen from Facebook…..

Someone asked me why I have so many children. Here is the answers I wanted to give:

1. Have you met my husband? I just can’t keep my hands off him.
2. I am planning to take over the world and am raising them as my minions.
3. I hate housework. I keep having kids so that they can do all the chores.
4. Home security.
5. I am trying to raise the IQ in my home state.
6. They are my body guards. We spend a lot of money on martial art and gun training.
7. I am raising warriors for the Lord. If the church isn’t growing, it won’t be because I did not do my part!
8. Are these MY children? I was wondering why they kept following me asking for food.
9. We are going to keep trying until we get a perfect child.
10. We get bored, so we have another baby.
11. My husband makes far too much money. I need a way to spend it all before we die.
12. I like 15 passenger vans. I think they are super-cool. You should see the radio I have in that thing!
13. I have an excess of energy. Since I have so much, I have to have lots of littles to keep me busy.
14. I like having a whole row in church. It makes me feel presidential.
15. I like experimenting on them to see which theories are true. I have a minor in psychology, you know.

But the real answer is:
God said children are a blessing, and like everything he says, it is 100% true. I love these children, young and old, and cannot imagine life without them.

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