32 Weeks

Another big milestone! We made it to 32 weeks!! Yay! I had my regular checkup with the Doc today. It wasn’t as regular once I got there though. I was shown into a different room with different monitors and a nice cushy recliner. 🙂 From here on out they will do this each visit. They monitor each of the girls heartbeats and a third measures if there’s any “activity” as far as contractions go. I just get to lie back and chill for 20 min or so. I just about fell asleep. 😉 The problem is I feel too much like I’m lying on my back and that’s not comfy for me anymore. Oh well. Everything looked good, my doctor even showed me the print out, as if I’d understand anything on it. Ha ha!

My appointments have moved to once a week. Next week I have 2 one for the ultrasound measurements and one “regular” one. It seems like a nuisance since town is so far away, but it’s just the way it needs to be. We’ll see what positions the gals are in now, but my doc said that even if they are breech she’d not be worried about it yet because they still have time to turn. So we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that a c-section won’t be necessary. Regardless though I’ll deliver in the OR instead of the comfy Labor & Delivery rooms “just in case.” So blah for that, but really what difference does it make, right? 🙂

I’m glad that we’re into the home stretch! Four more weeks till I’m in the “safe” zone for delivering here! Six more weeks till they’ll be here for sure!! Seems like a short time and an eternity all at once. I’m ready to be able to bend over again and breath easier, but glad and thankful for each week that the peaches get to keep cookin’.

So there ya go! Welcome to month 8 with twins! 😉 The doctor said that I “look really good” and that I just look like I’m having one baby! Of course, she never saw me when I was having just one. Funny enough I think I’m doing better this time! Ha ha!!

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