30 weeks

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While 30 weeks isn’t an official pregnancy milestone (for that you have to make it to 32) it still feels like one to me! FINALLY I have reached the 30’s!! My babies will be born sometime in the next 8 weeks!! That is exciting and scary all at the same time!

I’ve been reading some “twin” blogs and the general consensus seems to be that people are “done” with the pregnancy by 30 weeks. I’m starting to be on board with that crowd. I know I was kinda gloating before because I know I’ll be missing out on the last 3 weeks of pregnancy, but the truth is… it’s not going to feel that way. I’m already as large as a full-term pregnancy. So think about adding 8 more weeks onto that and yeah… all those happy feelings of being “done early” fly away. 😉

I’m not saying in any way that I want the peaches to come early. I’d like to keep em baking right up till that 38 week finish if possible. But the truth is I’m not feeling so amazing about being pregnant either. I’m not one of those people who just thrill with each pregnancy anyway, but now it’s gotten to the point where yep, I’m feeling done.

Moving is an issue for me. I can’t bend over comfortably, so my legs get lots of good squats workouts through the day. 😉 I feel winded frequently!! I just can’t breathe! And like my grandma says, “If you can’t breathe nothing else matters!” ha ha!! The slightest effort, like walking outside to the new shed or climbing stairs makes me feel like a biggest looser contestant trying to do plyometrics! I am, surprisingly, REALLY looking forward to the day I can work out again!! Lying in bed can be uncomfy too as my hips and back can’t decide who wants to complain the loudest about any given position. And turning over is like a Mac Truck trying to make a 3 point turn. Not very graceful by any stretch of the imagination! So far the leg cramps have only been fairly minor twinges that I can stave off if I notice in time and can kind of counter stretch! Yikes!

Over all though, I really can’t complain too much. I’m not on bed-rest (hallelujah!) which is awesome, because how I would manage that with these 3 crazy kids, I do not know! Which brings me to another thought. The 3 amigos (or enemigos as the situation may be) have been VERRRRRRRY high maintenance recently. Two of the 3 have had colds this week and I know that has added to the issues, but I know it’s more than that too. I spend a lot of my day, between tasks, sitting in the arm chair because it’s the most comfortable place to put my bulk. I can see in a couple kids especially the results of a lack of very needed one-on-one attention. I can see it, but honestly I can’t do that much about it. I simply do not have the energy! And as my energy wanes other things are falling apart too. The bathtub is in SERIOUS need of scrubbing, ha! like that’s going to happen. The floors need to be mopped. I’ve epically failed on the war with cobwebs and dust. (I did attempt to get the cobwebs before Qade’s party, but there’s like 17,000000000 spiders to one lil ol me and it’s not a fair fight!) The laundry usually can make it through the wash/drying part of things, but then sits in the basket or on the couch for a couple of days before it finally gets folded and put away.

These things really bother me. Especially the part with the kids. I’ve been more emotional this week. Lack of sleep, sick kiddos who seem incapable of not whining and obedience, fighting with Qade over school, Stu busy busy busy with school stuff has all factored in. But I know that we’re all just going to have to do our best as we slog through the last 8 weeks and the first oh… 12 or so weeks, with the peaches. Everyone in the family is impacted and will have to make adjustments. And then one day *poof* we’ll all have kind of settled into our new family unit. I will get more than 3 hours sleep in a row, the house will be under control, the kids will be able to have time with mommy, who will be able to move again, and the spiders will still have the upper hand in the cobweb war. But I’ll take it anyway! 😉

So there you have it. Me at 30 weeks. The gals are as active as ever, and if the location of the kicks are anything, still head up. Keep praying that they will turn even as I try to mentally prepare myself for the possibility of a c-section. (boo!!!) I took some photos this week because I figure I need the lighting practice, and I need some documentation of this pregnancy too. 😉 Here’s to NOT looking like a manatee ever in the future!!! 😉 Ta ta!

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