Party Prep

The best laid plans…

Even though we had planned this date some time in advance for Qade’s birthday party, you just can’t plan for life events, ya know? Things completely out of anyone’s control have come up between then and now, and yesterday I was actually getting anxious that the “party” would be a flop because none of the kiddos that we’d invited looked to be able to make it. I reminded myself that the party was about celebrating Qade, and even if no friends could come, we would still have a good time and remind him just how special he is to us and how happy we are that he’s a part of our family. His brother and sis would still be here, they would all be just as crazy about their “goody bags” as ever, and the cake, gifts and lunch time yummies would still be just as thrilling to our 6 yr old. Once I had reminded myself of all that, I was able to relax a bit.

It’s helped me get through today too, because for a bit there I was thinking, “What’s the point in decorating and stuff, no one is coming?” But I’m decorating because Qade is SUPER excited about having birthday decorations! And this party is about HIM!

So I’m making a layered “finger jello” treat to go with our fun lunch of GIANT sized Costco hotdogs and “spicy chips” (aka Doritos). It’s an idea I pinned from the Pioneer Woman at Christmas time. For some reason when I saw them I immediately thought of making them for Qade’s birthday. Not really sure why though, it’s not like Jello is something we have often here. But anyway, I know that he will enjoy it!

So tomorrow’s party IS going to be a success!! We still are not sure how many, if any, little people will be joining us, but we are going to have a good time. The people who couldn’t come but wanted to have all sent their love, and we will have more fun times with them when it works out!

Qade just escorted his sis up to the house for her nap time, and when he saw the decorations, that I’m not done with yet, he gasped and said, “Wow!!!” Birthdays are so much fun!! 🙂

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