Two Peas at 28 weeks


That there was the photo I worked so hard to get bloggable yesterday. 🙂 Though Stu tells me I should not blog about “family issues.” Apparently our iProducts are family. 😉

Anyway, the photo is cute! It’s from the shower that my sis-in-law, Joy, and mom put on for our gals last weekend! Two peas in a pod! So cute! And fun! We had a great time at the shower! I got to see some family that I hadn’t seen in a LLLLOOOOONNNNNNGGG time! It’s crazy how life just spins us all apart. It was nice to see them though. And several sweet ladies from my parent’s church came as well. Everyone was SO thoughtful and generous! We got diapers (yay!!!) and lotsa wipes (yay again!!) and some absolutely adorable outfits for our girls that I can’t wait to dress them in!! Also baby paraphernalia like soaps and lotions and toys to fight over! It was a very fun time. I enjoy looking at all those sweet things that don’t have burble, mustard poo, and drool stains on them, and imagine the little squirmers enjoying them. 🙂 Thanks everyone, it was a great little party! Plus we had a chocolate fountain with angel food cake cubes and strawberries! YUUUUM!!!!!

So today marks the beginning of the 3rd trimester with the Peaches! Yay!!! This is a great milestone. With every pregnancy you mark the milestones to know when you can “relax” a little about those anxious thoughts of how your baby is doing. Obviously things can happen any stage along the way, but some of the “big” milestones are 12 weeks, when the chances of miscarriage drastically reduce (and the nausea thankfully!) 24 weeks which is when babies are first considered “viable” though the survival rate is around 50%, and complications are expected. And the one we’re parked on now 28 weeks.

At 28 weeks the viability rate jumps to a drastic 90-95% which is encouraging. At this point, the babies would be in the NICU for several weeks, probably more than a month, but their chances of survival are good. Complications for preterm birth are still high however. So… all of that to say, I’m happy to have reached this point, but would like to keep the buns in the oven a little longer. 🙂

Between now and 30-ish weeks twins actually start to develop faster than singletons. Once they get to that 30-ish week though their growth slows down quite a bit. There just isn’t enough space for them. So twins typically will be smaller than singletons even at full-term because they’ve been to squished to grow. In fact some docs will go ahead and take the twins around 36 weeks if it seems like their growth has slacked too much. Monitoring in this last trimester is much heavier than with a singleton baby because they are checking babies stress and growth much more.

Anyway, I can’t tell if they are head up, down or sideways these days as the jabs I feel seem to be coming from pretty much all directions. 😉 I can look forward to a couple more weeks of bouncing belly before they get too constrained to move quite as forcefully. The kids are getting very excited for the babies to arrive! Qade keeps asking if it’s “summer yet” because that’s when we told them the twins would be born.

I’m doing okay. I get tired very quickly, and standing for very long really wears me out! My iron is low, so this weekend I’ll be picking up a prescription for an iron supplement. (blah) But maybe that will help with the energy side of things a bit.

So the biggest prayer requests right now are 1) The babies, especially baby A, will turn head down before they get “stuck” and 2) they will continue to cook! 🙂