I’ve been waging battle with my i-devices. Guess what? THEY are winning!!!!

I had a nice little blog post all planned out, a happy post, a fun post. All I needed to do was to get a photo from my iPhone to somewhere I could use it in my blog. That’s all… just one leeeeetle photo. I looked at the apps my dear Hurb had installed on my phone, and voila! there was one for flickr, perfect! Only, for some reason, my iPhone did NOT want to sign in to yahoo. This was puzzling because my passwords had all been synced and should be the same across the board. I admitted to myself that maybe it was “messed up” because of my iMac. See it’s just my MacBook and iPhone that are synced and I usually access flickr with my iMac. So I thought, no big deal I’ll straighten this out in no time.

………………. TIME………………

So much for being no big deal. My iMac had apparently forgotten how to log into flickr too. 🙁 So I requested a password change from the site. They sent me the link, I tried to change the password using the “strong password generator” that is supposed to fool hackers. And no, they said that the 15 digit randomly selected password was “weak” and so I had to try again. ARG!!! My happy go lucky attitude was rapidly becoming LESS happy. So I switched some things up, generated a NEW password that fulfilled their whatever idea of “excellent” and applied it. Now to make sure the other i-devices knew the password. I copied it over to the MacBook, but it proved to be a challenge to get IT to decide to change the password too. I had to hop back and forth between the 2 computers a couple of times before it finally “took.”

Back to the iPhone. It is supposed to be synched with my MacBook. So I looked up the settings hit “synch” and waited a moment…..(waiting a moment)…. AAAAAND nothing! ACK!!!!! Back to the laptop to “update” the dropbox. Synch again…. AAAAAAAANNNNNDDDDDD…. still nothing! At this point I wanted to hurl one or two i-products through our rickety kitchen window! Oh.. and all “happy blog post” thoughts were completely gone.

So eventually I figured out how to e-mail the photo from my phone to ME and then checked the e-mail on my laptop, download the stupid image from mail, and upload it again to flickr from my MacBook. A very roundabout way to get something done that SHOULD have been quite simple. I hate it that these devices are so much smarter than me that I feel like a dust bunny when trying to actually access all of their amazing power to make my life easier….. whatever!

Stay tuned another day for the “happy” post. I have to rediscover those feelings first. 😉 Ha ha!