27 weeks

Today I hit 27 weeks and holding at +29 pounds. 😉 I probably won’t “hold” to be honest, but I’m still doing okay for my weight gain. Considering I put on 50 lbs with Ella and she was just Uno girly!

I had the ever popular glucose test today. I practically memorized the directions because I did NOT want to mess it up and have to do it over again. Yuck! That drink, though valiantly trying to be masked by the orange flavor, is revolting! Blah!! And the knowledge that all you get for drinking the wretched stuff is a needle sucking blood out of your arm doesn’t help it go down any easier. 😉

I also had an ultrasound scheduled for today to measure the gals. The doctor who does these is a grandpa sort, and I appreciate his witty humor. He actually was the doc who delivered my sis-in-law!! Kinda strange for this place where the medical faculty rotate through at a rather alarming rate, that he’s been around for awhile.

Anyway, he had an easier time of it this time around because as the gals get bigger, it’s harder for them to escape the probe. 🙂 They are measuring at 27 wks 6 days and 27 wks 3 days! So they are chunkin’ up and right on target, and both growing well!! The only kinda not good news was that our baby “A” has decided to go head up! She’s been head down the whole time up till now, and that’s the way we want her for sure. Now she’s breach and while that’s not TOO big of a deal yet, the girls are quickly running out of maneuver room. If she gets “stuck” head up then I won’t be given an option for a natural birth. Yes, I know that there are worse things than a c-section. But a surgery on top of new babies is not my idea of fun. So…… please pray that the lass will flip over and stay that way. 😉 I figured one of them was straight up and down since someone had been kicking straight down! 🙂

I’ve mentioned how fun it is this time around to see Qade and Myles’ excitement about the babies. We’ve enjoyed listening to them “figure” how we will fit 2 more people in our house, car, and table. However, some of the questions that have come along make me wish they weren’t so into the whole process. 😉 Most of these have come from Qade and some of them include, “When the babies are big enough how do they come out of your tummy?” I told him the doctor helps them come out thinking that was a satisfactory answer. 😉 He came back a couple days later with, “How does the doctor help the babies come out of your tummy?” Oh dear. I can’t remember how I weaseled out of that one. But the cream of the crop was when he asked me, over dinner at the grandparent’s house, “How did the babies get in your tummy, Mom?” Of course Daddy bailed out of the conversation by saying, “He asked YOU!” Ha ha ha!!! I told him that’s just the way that God makes babies and that he would learn more about it in school when he is older. 😉 Ha ha!! Nice bullet dodge there, huh? Hopefully once the gals are here, he will be so thrilled at their arrival that he will forget to ask questions about the process.

Off to feed the hordes snacks and get the kitchen cleaned up! Toodles!